Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement

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Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement Implant Module
Red Module.gif
A red implant module.
Effects Permanent +3% to Normal DR
Permanent +3% to Explode DR
Permanent +1 to Normal DT
Permanent +1 to Explode DT
Requirements Level 40, surgery
Weight 0 grams
Base price todo caps

Getting this implant will permanently give the character the following bonuses:

Surgery Requirements

Dr Fung in San Francisco is able to perform implant operations. In order to do that (for each operation), he needs:

Only one modification can be implanted at per operation. A character is able to have all modifications installed. Implants are a permanent modification of the character and cannot be lost or transferred in any way.

Obtaining Implants

-GM Auctions or Events.

-From Trader Events.

-The Ruined Military Bunker Special Encounter

-From New Reno,Warehouse and Glow magic locker with a 2% chance to spawn.

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