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Imp endurance.png
Modifies Hit Points, Poison Resistance, Radiation resistance, Healing Rate
Related perks Gain Endurance, Lifegiver, Man of Steel, Snakeater, Strong Back
Related traits None

The ability to withstand punishment and physical exertion. A high EN will let characters survive where other weaker people would have to stop. It affects hit points and resistances. If you want to survive battle, choose Endurance. Of all the statistics, Endurance is the most important.

Modifies: Hit Points, Poison Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate, and the additional hit points per level.

Note: Your Endurance can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.


High Endurance is essential if you don't plan on using a sneak or sniper build. It also influences your resistance against knockdowns and the power of incoming critical damage. You won't be able to get any Lifegiver perks if your registered endurance is below 5. Tank fighters typically have maxed endurance, and any character with 6 endurance or less is considered somewhat fragile. 7 endurance is needed to get all 3 Lifegiver perks.

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Drugs that affect Endurance

Skills Modified by Endurance

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