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Implants allows you to enhance your damage resistances, increase maximum Hit Points or boost SPECIAL stats.


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A picture showing some of the implants.

Dr Fung in San Francisco is able to perform implant operations. In order to do that (for each operation), he needs:

  • a module for a particular augmentation,
  • 100.000 bottle caps.

Total amount limitations:

  • there is limit for special implants: 6 max per character
  • there is limit for combat implants: 5 max per character
  • Soldier perk allows to install 1 extra special and 1 extra combat implant (7 and 6)
  • Cyborg perk resets implants limits which effectively doubles the maximum amount of implants you can install (from 6/5 to 12/10)

Amount limitation per implant type:

  • you can install multiple special implants of one kind as long as specific special stat wont excess 20 upon the process
  • to reach 2nd and 3rd tier, any of the combat implants can be installed twice (or 3 times for cyborg) unless you already reached the maximum number of combat implants your character can have (5 for normal character, 6 for soldier, 10 for cyborg)

Recovering implants:

  • once installed, implants can only be taken out upon rerolling your character (characters that plan to choose Random Boy perk, should keep in mind they wont be able to reroll)

Obtaining Implants

Special implants (requires 30th character level)

Name Effects
Blue Module.gif Hypertrophy Accelerator +1 Strength
Blue Module.gif Optics Enhancer +1 Perception
Blue Module.gif Nociception Regulator +1 Endurance
Blue Module.gif Empathy Synthesizer +1 Charisma
Blue Module.gif Logic Co-Processor +1 Intelligence
Blue Module.gif Reflex Booster +1 Agility
Blue Module.gif Probability Calculator +1 Luck

Note: SPECIAL is still limited to 20 in each category, so trying to use an implant to boost Endurance, for example, on a character that already has EN 20, will not work.

Combat lmplants

Name Tier 1 (requires 30 lvl) Tier 2 (requires 40 lvl) Tier 3 (requires Cyborg perk)
Red Module.gif Dermal Impact Armor 4% Normal / Explode Resistance 4% Normal / Explode Resistance,
1 Normal / Explode Threshold
4% Normal / Explode Resistance,
-10 enemy critical roll
Yellow Module.gif Phoenix Armor Implants 4% Fire / Laser / Plasma Resistance 4% Fire / Laser / Plasma Resistance,
1 Fire / Laser / Plasma Threshold
4% Fire / Laser / Plasma Resistance,
+25% resist in critical rolls
IRED2.png Aggressive Sensors +5 Critical Roll +5 Critical Roll,
+25% accurate
+5 Critical Roll,
50% penetration of critical defense rolls
IBLUE2.png Dragon System +4% Critical Chance +4% Critical Chance,
+5 flat damage
+4% Critical Chance,
+20 flat damage with fire damage
IBLUE4.png Claw Module +1 damage for each bullet +2 damage for each bullet +1 damage for each bullet,
+10% total damage
IGREEN1.png Tiger Movement +1 Action Point +1 Action Point,
10 Melee damage
+1 Action Point,
+10% movement speed
IGREEN4.png Tactical Chip +5 FoV points +5 FoV points,
-15 second to respawn
+5 FoV points,
+10 montion sensor range
Green Module.gif Nemean Armor +20 Max HP +20 Max HP,
+15 healing rate
+20 Max HP,
-5 CD for healing rate

Note: Next tier simply means installing same implant another time. Each next tier also gives all bonusses of previous tiers

Examples & Explanations

A 50 lvl sniper character

  • installs 6 luck implants, already using up all the special implants limit (6/6)
  • installs 2 dragon implants, first giving +4% extra critical chance, second one giving +4% critical chance and 5 extra dmg per attack, for total +8% extra critical chance and 5 extra damage per attack (2/5 combat implant limit)
  • installs 2 aggressive implants for a total +10% extra crit roll and +25% extra accuracy (4/5 combat implant limit)
  • also decides for nemean armor implant for +20 extra hp. Normally a character could've installed second nemean armor implant, but the total combat implants limit has already been reached (5/5 combat implant limit)

A 100 lvl sniper from previous example takes Cyborg perk

  • total implant limitations gets resetted
  • a sniper character can now install any combination of 6 additional special implants up to a total 12 of these. For example 3 perception implants and 3 additional luck implants (12/12 special implant limit)
  • installs third aggressive implant for a total +15% extra crit roll, +25% accuracy and 50% penetration of the target defensive rolls (6/10 combat implant limit)
  • installs second and third nemean armor implant, second one giving +20 hp and +15 healing rate, third one giving +20 hp and -5cd for healing rate, for a total of +60 hp, +15 healing rate, and -5cd for healing rate (8/10 combat implant limit)
  • installs 2 tactical implants for 10 extra FoV, and 15 seconds faster respawn time (10/10 combat implant limit)