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Modifies How lucky (or unlucky) your character is
Related perks Gain Luck
Related traits Jinxed

Luck is the odd statistic. It is a combination of fate, karma and, in general, how the universe views this character. Luck will modify many things, and is the most important of all statistics because of that.

Modifies: Critical Chance, Critical Hit effects, amount of hp healed by FA, Critical Miss chance and effect.

Note: Your Luck can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.

Luck in Combat

  • When pulling the trigger luck provides higher critical hit chance. Aimed Attacks are heavily affected by your Luck. Also when you critically miss lower luck means more severe critical miss.
  • When you're on the damage receiving end your luck just affects chance to not receive bypass (higher your luck - lesser chance to receive bypass).
  • Luck increse your Crit Roll

Luck Related to Skills

Luck affects amount of hp healed by FA as well as chance for critical heals and fails.

Drugs that affect Luck

Skills Modified by Luck


Fighters need it, especially if they want to make critical hits. Put it at 10 to maximize your chances. For crafting people, Luck does not have much interest, it is better to dedicate its points in Intelligence.

A Note from mojuk, 02 July 2014
Your luck as defender only counts when you got critically hit and certain crit power roll is done.

For more info about crit power rolls and effects check critical hit table:

Most of luck rolls are made without modifiers (only in case of arms it's vs luck+5), what it means is that:

  • There is ROLL = Random(1, 10)
  • Next it's checked against your LUCK
  • If ROLL > LUCK than you got additional critical effects applied

So basically each 1 point in luck will give you +10% chance to avoid additional effects from mid-high power critical shots. But you won't get 100% protection from baypasses even with 10 luck, because on some critical shots with top crit power there is no roll for that.

As for bonehead and men of steel:

  • They both modify critical shot power by lowering crit power roll
  • But they both don't affect critical hit chance of your attacker
  • Bonehead only counts vs shots aimed to head/eyes

How they work in numbers:

  • Roll is made ROLL = Random(0, 100) + weapon critical power crafting bonus
  • ROLL = ROLL + base weapon crit power (such as turbo plasma got now)
  • If you got MAN OF STEEL than ROLL = ROLL - 10
  • If you got armor: ROLL = ROLL + armor crit power mod + armor crafting crit power mod
  • If your attacker got better criticals: ROLL = ROLL + 20
  • If you got BONEHEAD and shot was made in head/eyes: ROLL = ROLL - 10

After all this it's checked how big critical roll is:

  • 0- <= ROLL <= 20 FINAL_ROLL = 0
  • 21 <= ROLL <= 45 FINAL_ROLL = 1
  • 46 <= ROLL <= 70 FINAL_ROLL = 2
  • 71 <= ROLL <= 90 FINAL_ROLL = 3
  • 91 <= ROLL <= 100 FINAL_ROLL = 4
  • 101 <= ROLL <= 101+ FINAL_ROLL = 5

Then with FINAL_ROLL you get critical shot effects from critical hit table mentioned at the begining.

What it means for tanks:

  • If you got critically hit and had your armor baypassed then it doesn't matter how tanky you are since you are most likely to die from 2, max 3 such shots,
  • Armor baypass means your DR and DT are divided by 4 so you have only 25% of you base resistance -> you got hit more or less for 4x more damage than usual
  • While luck is not super crucial stat for tanks don't make it dump stat - set to 1 just to have more special points for other stats (although I know many people who are playing luck 1 tanks but I would not recommend it)
  • I would say that if you got some spare special points put them in luck but if you have to chose between more luck and 5/6 strength for adrenaline rush/stonewall or more perception to get max range with weapon or more agility for for action points than chose those other things since your char would benefit from them more than from few more points into luck:)

Skills & Stuff not affected by Luck