Mega Power Fist

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Mega Power Fist
A "Big Frigger" Power Fist from BeatCo. Considered by many to be the ultimate weapon to use in unarmed combat. This one has upgraded power servos for increased strength. Powered by small energy cells.
Damage 21 - 41
Single AP: 3, Range: 1
Damage type Electrical
Ammo Ccells.gif Small Energy Cells
Ammo capacity 50
Strength required 1
Type Single-handed
Weight 3175 grams
Base price 3110 caps

Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Penetrate 10000
2nd Bonus Attack 75000
3rd Faster Trigger 150000
4th Choose in Marshal 1000000
5th Random from list 5000000
Crafting table
Mpwrfist.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Energy Expert: 2
Resources 1 x Gaunt.gif Power Fist
1 x Advserv.gif Upgraded Power Servos
Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 100

An improved version of Power Fist.