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Modifies Sight, Sequence, Hit chance, distance from enemies in random encounters
Related perks Cautious Nature, Earlier Sequence, Sharpshooter
Related traits none

The ability to notice things. A combination of your senses. Perception affects ranged weapon distance and the ability to sense things about the world. If you want characters that can act as snipers, choose Perception. Actually, Perception is the most important of all statistics.

Modifies: Sequence, Hit chance for ranged combat, and range of sight.

Perception is improved by wearing Spectacles in cases where PE is less than 4.

Note: Your Perception can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.


For a fighter, a Perception lower than 6 would be really penalizing. It is recommended to have 8, especially if you use long-range weapons. If you don't have much points, take 7, but only if your character can balance with other characteristics (If it is to put one more point in Luck, forget it). Sometimes, people using drugs can allow themselves values lower than those recommended here, as for example characters full of psycho which will see their Perception coming down to 1.

Drugs that affect Perception

Skills modified by Perception

Each SPECIAL point spent in Perception will increase these skills :

  • First Aid +2% per point of Perception
  • Doctor +1% per point of Perception
  • Lockpick +1% per point of Perception
  • Traps +1% per point of Perception

Perks with a Perception requirement