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|konck your target down
|knock your target down
| NO
| NO
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|[[Life Steal]]
|[[Life Steal]]
|Heal 25% of damage
|Heals 25 hitpoints on attack
| YES (but only melee weapons)
| YES (but only melee weapons)

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These perks are special properties inherent to certain kinds of weapons. Weapons can have 5 perks. Which they gain from exping.

    • 4TH** must be chosen before gaining perk
of Perk
Exp cost Description
1st 10.000
2nd 75.000
3rd 150.000
4th 1.000.000 Choose in Marshal
5th 5.000.000 Random from list
Bonus Ranged Damage (weapon) +2 damage per bullet YES
Bonus Damage 20% min damage YES
Bonus Attack 20% max damage YES
Scoped (weapon) 4 range YES (but only range weapons)
Better Critical 7 crit power YES
More Critical (weapon) 8 crit chance YES
Faster Trigger 1 AP YES
Faster Reload 1 AP less for reload YES
Bonus Rate of Fire (weapon) 1 AP less for shot NO
Slayer 10 flat damage YES
Accurate chance to hit by 20% YES
Knockback knock your target down NO
Long Range Increases chance to hit NO
Penetrate reduces your target DT to 1/3 of its nominal value NO
Poisonus Applies poison YES
Enhanced Knockout bypass KO resistances NO
Killing Spree Restore 33% of MAX AP after kill YES
Life Steal Heals 25 hitpoints on attack YES (but only melee weapons)
Chip Shot Reduce target KO/KD res for 10% YES

Perks of Armors
Perks of Weapons