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1 x [[File:PartsOfADetonator.gif|link=Parts of a detonator]] [[Parts of a detonator]]<br>
1 x [[File:PartsOfADetonator.gif|link=Parts of a detonator]] [[Parts of a detonator]]<br>
|tools=[[File:adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]] [[Advanced Workbench]]
|tools=[[File:adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]] [[Advanced Workbench]]

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Plastic Explosives
A very powerful explosive that can be detonated by remote control.
Damage 40 - 80
Single 3
Damage type Explode
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Strength required None
Type Single-handed
Weight 1814 grams
Base price todo caps

Crafting table
Plastic.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Demolition Expert: 2
Resources 12 x Gunpowder2.gif Advanced Gunpowder

1 x PartsOfADetonator.gif Parts of a detonator

Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 450

Plastic Explosives are usable explosives featuring a timer. They can be used to kill players, but beware with them in a guarded town! Guards may react harshly if they spot you.

Explosives can also be used to smash doors in cities - several attempts are needed for metal doors. Doors will regenerate after thirty minutes.

When the plastic explosive is activated, a corresponding detonator appears in your inventory. Obviously, this is used to make your c4 explode. Detonators can be tied to a key bind for quicker use. Be careful: you can activate multiple C4 charges at once, which means you'll have multiple detonators each corresponding to a specific C4. So if you intend to blanket an area with many such traps, it can get tricky to keep track of which detonator activates which C4.

From Zaius in Broken Hills you can buy blueprint of this weapon for 25000 caps.

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