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*Brotherhood Patrol
*Brotherhood Patrol
*Can be found in [[New Reno]] and [[Warehouse]] lockers (with advanced or unique prefix)
*Can be found in [[New Reno]] and [[Warehouse]] lockers (with advanced or unique prefix)
You can buy [[blueprint]] from [[Jacob]] in [[Hub]] for 25000 caps.

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Rocket Launcher
A Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher. With the deluxe 3 lb. trigger. Fires AP or Explosive Rockets.
Damage 64 - 85
Single AP: 7, Range: 40.
Damage type Explode
Ammo Shell2.gif Explosive Rockets
Rshell.gif Armor Piercing Rockets
Ammo capacity 1
Strength required 7
Type Two-handed
Weight 6803 grams
Base price 2510 caps

Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Long Range 10000
2nd Bonus Attack 75000
3rd Scoped 150000
4th Choose in Marshal 1000000
5th Random from list 5000000
Crafting table
Rlaunch.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns): 2
Big Guns: 100%
Resources 2 x Alloys2.gif High Quality Alloys
5 x Alloys.gif Alloys
2 x Metal trash2.gif Metal Parts
1 x Metal trash.gif Good Metal Parts
Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 750

A big gun; a launcher made of high quality materials. It is possible to shoot at critters or hexes with this big tube. Pressing attack key then holding CTRL will make it possible to attack at some random place of your choice. The Rocket Launcher is classified as a Big Gun and has the longest range of its classification. It also is the only gun that includes the Knockback weapon perk. Most useful for sniper builds and crowd control.

Advantages and disadvantages



This weapon can be found in the following encounters:

  • Unity Patrol
  • Super Mutant Remnants
  • Brotherhood Patrol
  • Can be found in New Reno and Warehouse lockers (with advanced or unique prefix)