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|  [[San Francisco]]
|  [[San Francisco]]
|  [[Intelligence]] ≥ 6, [[Doctor]] ≥ 75%
|  [[Intelligence]] ≥ 6, [[Doctor]] ≥ 75%
|  +5 to [[healing rate]]
|  +15 to [[healing rate]]
|  [[Gecko Skinning]]
|  [[Gecko Skinning]]

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Support perks are minor skills and abilities that a player can gain in addition to level perks.

There is no limit to the number of support perks that a single character can have.

To gain support perks, players are required to talk to an appropriate NPC. Some support perks can be gained straight away, some have specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and/or skill requirements. Some are given 'for free,' some require that one or more quest(s) be finished first.

Detailed information on any of the support perks that are currently available may be found on their respective pages, which are listed below.

Note: When determining what support perks can be gained by a player, the game checks his/her nominal statistics. It is therefore impossible for a character whose base Strength is 5 to take a support perk requiring at least 6 points of Strength, for example, even if s/he temporarily gains a point of Strength by using a strength-enhancing drug prior to initiating a dialogue with an NPC.

Table of Support Perks

Name Ranks Location Requirements Bonus
Awareness 1/1 All players start with it
(before it was in Dusty's Cantina at Shady Sands)
(before: Perception ≥ 6, or Unarmed or Melee Weapons ≥ 100%)
Hovering the cursor over a critter displays detailed information about it
Cautious Nature 1/1 In Dusty's Cantina at Shady Sands Perception ≥ 6, Outdoorsman ≥ 100% +3 to Perception when determining placement in random encounters
Dead Man Walking 1/1 At Watershed in Necropolis Intelligence ≥ 5, Doctor ≥ 50% Doubled negative HP capacity
Demolition Expert 1/1 Redding Traps ≥ 125% No unwanted explosions and extra damage for the wanted ones
Dismantler 1/1 From Boyce in Junktown Science ≥ 120% Doubled amount of resources received from dismantling items
Educated 1/1 Library Basement in Boneyard Intelligence ≥ 8, Science ≥ 100% +2 to SP per level
Explorer 1/1 NCR Train Station Outdoorsman ≥ 150 Faster world map travelling
Faster Healing 1/1 San Francisco Intelligence ≥ 6, Doctor ≥ 75% +15 to healing rate
Gecko Skinning 1/1 Klamath Outdoorsman ≥ 50% Ability to skin geckos
Harmless 1/1 New Reno Charisma ≥ 6, Steal ≥ 125% Halved reputation loss when stealing
Light Step 1/1 Klamath Traps ≥ 50% Chance to set off a trap reduced by 50%
Magnetic Personality 1/1 New Reno Speech ≥ 100% +50 to party points, +1 to maximum party size
Master Thief 1/1 Hub, Oldtown Steal ≥ 125% Stealing cooldown reduced by 50%
Mr. Fixit 1/1 Smitty at The Den Repair ≥ 120% Repairing items is easier
Negotiator 1/1 T-Ray at New Reno's Garage Barter ≥ 125% Reputation lower than neutral is upgraded to neutral when talking to NPCs
Pack Rat 1/1 Dangerous Dan in Redding Level ≥ 6 You can carry more
Pathfinder 1/1 Dusty's Cantina in Shady Sands Outdoorsman ≥ 150% 25% faster world map travelling
Pickpocket 1/1 Hub, Oldtown Steal ≥ 125% Easier stealing
Rad Resistance 1/1 Gecko, Reactor Intelligence ≥ 7, Doctor ≥ 100% +30% to radiation resistance, +20% to poison resistance
Ranger 1/1 Gordon's Gas Station Outdoorsman ≥ 100% Ability to craft several new items, a safe house instead of a tent
Scout 1/1 Inside Vault City Outdoorsman ≥ 150% Faster revealing of the covered areas of the world map
Sex Appeal 1/1 New Reno Speech ≥ 75% +250 to reputation when interacting with the opposite sex
Snakeater 1/1 A doctor in Junktown Endurance ≥ 6 +30% to poison resistance, +20% to radiation resistance
Speaker 1/1 Cathedral Speech ≥ 125% Your followers' loyalty decreases at half the normal rate
Stealth Girl 1/1 Vault City Sneak ≥ 100%, Repair ≥ 100% Doubled stealth boy's battery life
Strong Back 1/1 Francis in Broken Hills Endurance ≥ 6, Level ≥ 6 +22 to carry weight capacity
Swift Learner 1/1 Bookstore in Hub, Market Intelligence ≥ 6, Science ≥ 50% +10% to all your experience point gains
Thief 1/1 Hub, Oldtown Steal ≥ 100% Luck/50 chance of no cooldown if a stealing attempt has failed
Treasure Hunter 1/1 Mickey at Broken Hills Lockpick ≥ 125% Additional items spawn in lockers in random encounters