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|count=1  + [[file: Metal_mask_mk2.gif]] x1
|count=1  + [[file: Metal_mask_mk2.gif]] x1
|reqs=[[Profession: Armorer]]: 2 <br> [[Repair]]: 130% <br> [[Science]]: 130% <br> [[Blueprints]] <br>
|reqs=[[Profession: Armorer]]: 2 <br> [[Repair]]: 130% <br> [[Science]]: 130% <br> [[Blueprints]] <br>
|res=1 x [[File:mtlarmor.gif|link=Metal Armor]] <br>1 x [[File:alloys2.gif|link=High Quality Alloys]] <br>4 x [[File:v15comp.gif|link=Electronic Parts]]<br> 1 x [[File:Metal_mask.gif|link=Metal Mask]]
|res=1 x [[File:mtlarmor.gif|link=Metal Armor]] [[Metal Armor]] <br>1 x [[File:alloys2.gif|link=High Quality Alloys]] [[High Quality Alloys]] <br>4 x [[File:v15comp.gif|link=Electronic Parts]] [[Electronic Parts]]<br> 1 x [[File:Metal_mask.gif|link=Metal Mask]] [[Metal Mask]]
|tools=[[File:Adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]]
|tools=[[File:Adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]] [[Advanced Workbench]]

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Tesla Armor
This shining armor provides superior protection against energy attacks. The three Tesla Attraction Coil Rods disperse a large percentage of directed energy attacks.
AC Bonus -30
Damage type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
Normal 25 5
Laser 75 8
Fire 25 3
Plasma 75 7
Explode 20 1
Electrical 55 7
Weight 15875 grams
Base price todo caps
Crafting table
Tesla.gif x 1 + Metal mask mk2.gif x1
Requirements Profession: Armorer: 2
Repair: 130%
Science: 130%
Resources 1 x Mtlarmor.gif Metal Armor
1 x Alloys2.gif High Quality Alloys
4 x V15comp.gif Electronic Parts
1 x Metal mask.gif Metal Mask
Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 1000

This high-level Metal Armor adds more defence against Energy Weapons, but decreases the defence against Normal weapons. See also Tesla Helmet.

Discharge option is a recent feature implemented with the wipe of May 1, 2015. It is possible to charge a tesla armor by using traps skill on the armor to charge it with Micro Fusion Cells or Small Energy Cells; armor is also charged when taking energy damage or when a different Tesla Armor hits it with discharge. Discharge feature could be activated by binding a key for it.

Few facts about tesla discharge:
- AP cost: 5 (constant, not affected by any perks)
- base damage: 60 - 120
- damage type: electric
- damage radius: 7
- discharge cost: 100
- max armor charges: 500
- recharge cost: 1 MFC = 5, 1 SEC = 2 (use traps skill on armor)
- recharge value: 100 (when you use discharge it checks for critters in discharge range, recharge value is divided by the number of critters hit and this value is added as charge to tesla armor of every critter that is wearing it and is hit by discharge)
- tesla armor is charging from energy based damage (when you hit person wearing tesla armor with weapon dealing laser, plasma, electric, emp damage type his armor is charged by value equal to 25% of damage he receives)