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|reqs=[[Profession: Armorer]]: 2 <br> [[Repair]]: 130% <br> [[Science]]: 130% <br> [[Blueprints]] <br>
|reqs=[[Profession: Armorer]]: 2 <br> [[Repair]]: 130% <br> [[Science]]: 130% <br> [[Blueprints]] <br>
|res=1 x [[File:metal_trash.gif|link=Good Metal Parts]]<br>2 x [[File:alloys2.gif|link=High Quality Alloys]]<br>2x [[File:v15comp.gif|link=Electronic Parts]] <br>
|res=1 x [[File:metal_trash.gif|link=Good Metal Parts]] [[Good Metal Parts]]<br>2 x [[File:alloys2.gif|link=High Quality Alloys]] [[High Quality Alloys]]<br>2x [[File:v15comp.gif|link=Electronic Parts]] [[Electronic Parts]] <br>
|tools=[[File:Adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]] <br> or <br> [[File:Machine1.png|link=Armor Machinery]]  
|tools=[[File:Adv_workbench.png|link=Advanced Workbench]] [[Advanced Workbench]] <br> or <br> [[File:Machine1.png|link=Armor Machinery]]  [[Armor Machinery]]  

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Tesla Helmet
Just like Tesla Armor, this helmet with autonomous power supply uses an electromagnetic field to keep hot plasma away from your head. Quite simple, yet unique design, based on some ancient pre-War experiments and blueprints.
AC Bonus 0
Damage type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
Normal 20 4
Laser 90 19
Fire 10 4
Plasma 80 10
Explode 20 4
Electrical 80 12
Weight 2635 grams
Base price caps
Crafting table
Teslahelmet.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Armorer: 2
Repair: 130%
Science: 130%
Resources 1 x Metal trash.gif Good Metal Parts
2 x Alloys2.gif High Quality Alloys
2x V15comp.gif Electronic Parts
Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
Machine1.png Armor Machinery
XP 200


This high-level metal helmet adds serious defense against Laser, Plasma, and Electrical damage. The helmet has less protection against Normal attacks than the comparable Combat Helmet. Best when paired with Tesla Armor and Energy Weapons are expected.


Craft at an Advanced Workbench, with the appropriate Blueprint