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|res=4 x [[File:metal_trash2.gif|link=Metal Parts]] <br>2 x [[File:firewood.gif|link=Wood]] <br>
|res=4 x [[File:metal_trash2.gif|link=Metal Parts]] [[Metal Parts]] <br>2 x [[File:firewood.gif|link=Wood]] [[Wood]] <br>

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Throwing Knife
A knife, balanced specifically for throwing. Made of titanium, and laser sharpened.
Damage 50 - 100
Single AP: 4, Range: 16
Damage type Normal
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Strength required 3
Type Single-handed
Weight 453 grams
Base price 140 caps

Crafting table
Knife2.gif x 10
Resources 4 x Metal trash2.gif Metal Parts
2 x Firewood.gif Wood
Tools None
XP 150


Throwing Knives can be found in the following encounter:

  • Yakuza