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To get Citizenship in Vegas you need to speak with Mayor wich is located on top floor of police building to get to strip without being citizen you need to pay 2 dollars to guard in building near gate. Here is quick tutorial how to complete the quest:

The Mayor will ask you to find his CEO and he will tell you that his CEO was last seen in his house near Hard Rock Coffe you need to search for house where is terminal read the log carefully and than choose dialogue option confirm location. After that you will need to go to Den. There is a house on southwest wich has fence near by and there is terminal inside read the text carefully again and choose confirm location dialogue option. Now you will need to go to wind of war and go northeast there is green grid you need to go on there are a few hostile dogs not a big chalange you gonna need to go near house where is terminal choose dialogue option open door and go in there is a manhole go down by the manhole and there you will find there a strong Floater wich has around 1000 hp and the CEO who hanged himself use the terminal read the text and you will find out what happened and than choose dialogue option download data. After you will do this go back to the Mayor and tell him what you found out.


  • There are no requirments for this quest


  • Ability to "buy" citizenship in Vegas for 60 Dollars


  • To get Dollars you need to go to FLC wich is located near you when you enter the Vegas
  • You can get the citizenship for 50 Dollars if you complete the Christine quest and if you gave the briefcase to mayor, then you could ask him to lower the price for your citizenship from 60 dollars to 50 dollars. Also you need to do it before paying him the 60 Dollars.
  • Though there are no requirment some basic gear and level over 15 is recomended.