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|count=1 [[File: Voodoo.png]]
|count=1 [[File: Voodoo.png]]
|reqs=[[Profession: Doctor]]: 2 <br>[[Blueprints]]<br>
|reqs=[[Profession: Doctor]]: 2 <br>[[Blueprints]]<br>
|res=1 x [[File: healpwdr.gif |Weak Healing Powder]] <br> 1 x  [[File:pelt1.gif|link=Gecko Pelt]]
|res=1 x [[File: healpwdr.gif |Weak Healing Powder]] [[Weak Healing Powder]] <br> 1 x  [[File:pelt1.gif|link=Gecko Pelt]] [[Gecko Pelt]]
|tools=[[Medical Terminal]]
|tools=[[File:Medicalterminal.gif|link=Medical Terminal]] [[Medical Terminal]]

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Voodoo is a tribal concoction, made from the left-over byproducts of various critters. It imbues the user with greater agility and a sense of invincibility
Effects Immediate: +3 LK -2 EN
-2 ST
-3 LK +2 EN
+2 ST after 30 minutes
Addiction n/a
Weight 102 grams
Base price 275 caps

Crafting table
Nic.gif x 1 Voodoo.png
Requirements Profession: Doctor: 2
Resources 1 x Weak Healing Powder Weak Healing Powder
1 x Pelt1.gif Gecko Pelt
Tools Medicalterminal.gif Medical Terminal
XP 250