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FOnline 3

FOnline 3 is a fan-based MMORPG in which you decide which side of the conflict you will be on. A dynamic post-apocalyptic world that changes under the influence of decisions made by players. The Great War between the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, Vault City, and Master Army. A rich world full of activities for the individual player and for entire teams. Lots of PvE, Quests, Roleplay, PvP mechanics and updates.
Big thanks for Worldmaker, Rotators, Fallout Nevada team and Reloaded team for sharing their sources.

Dynamic Balance

We gonna change a balance game to make game more alive.

Great Wars

Join Encalve, Brotherhood of Steel, Vault City or NCR to dominate new world. Who gonna win first war after Great War?

A lot of content

We have many dungeons, acticvies and stuff to do, you can recruit NPC followers, take control of town, fight on desert and many more!

Season 4

Main Story Line Chapter 1 Released!

Air Defense System

-A strange message arrives to your Pip Boy. It turns out that this is another part of "All around California". You can't even remember when was the last time such messages came to you from the company with a very familiar name - Vault Tec.