Bring Little Jesus Mordino's briefcase to Metzger

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In New Reno, go talk to Little Jesus Mordino in the Desperado casino. He will offer your a job : deliver a briefcase to Metzger, the main slaver in The Den (North-East). Note that you will have only one chance. Surprised that you are alone for the delivery, Metzger will give you a shotgun and few ammo to defend yourself against the wasteland. Go back to Little Jesus Mordino to complete the quest.

Prerequisite: you need 3 or more charisma and at least 4 intelligence.


Wait for New Reno and Den to be safe, and then make sure you have raised enough your outdoorsman skill or that someone can lead you to The Den safely. If you lose the briefcase, you won't be able to achieve the quest.


Your reputation will increase by 150 points with slavers, decrease by 200 points with Regulators. Due to positive reputation with slavers some NPCs won't want to talk with you.