Brotherhood Armor

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Brotherhood Armor
A superior version of Combat Armor. The Brotherhood of Steel have made many improvements over the standard version.
AC Bonus -20
Crit Chance -30
Crit Power -10
Damage type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
Normal 40 6
Laser 65 7
Fire 30 4
Plasma 75 6
Explode 35 6
Electrical 50 3
Weight 11339 grams
Base price 7500 caps
Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Lethal Protection 15000
2nd Special Force Bonus 100000
3rd Iron Skin 200000
4th Player Choose from list 1250000
5th Random from list 6000000
6th Random from legendary list 50000000
Crafting table
Comba2a.gif x 1 + Boscombathelmet.png x1
Requirements Crafting: 150%
Resources 1 x Cbtarmor.gif Combat Armor

1 x Combathelmet.gif Combat Helmet
3 x Alloys2.gif High Quality Alloys
3 x Alloys.gif Alloys
2 x V15comp.gif Electronic Parts
1 x Pelt1.gif Gecko Pelt

Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 1000

This armor is possible to found and craft in-game.


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