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One cap, the wasteland's currency in its smallest denomiantion.
Primary use Buying Vehicles
Buying Bases
Buying Skill Books
Rerolling Characters
Bartering with Merchants
Alternative uses Player trading
Buying Implants when available
Weight 0 grams
Base price 1

Bottle caps are a currency in FOnline 3. This is a currency used widely in the wasteland. It has a weight of 0 grams, which means you can carry an infinite amount with you.


Bottle caps were turned into money in Hub, and that's why caps are sometimes called hubbucks. The reason why they were chosen as official wasteland money is that the technology needed to manufacture bottle caps and paint them has been lost during the Great War, which limits the number of bottle caps that would appear in the world. That limited number also assures their value is preserved.

How to Earn Caps

You can earn caps in many ways, and here are some examples: