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A PC or Player Character is a character created and controlled by a player using the FOnline client.

Standard Options

A character can be in any of three statuses:

  • Online: FOnline Client is connected.
  • Offline: FOnline Client is disconnected. Character is logging out, text (Off) is shown next to the CharacterName. After 3 minutes that character will be completely Logged out. But during that time, they can be healed, killed, robbed, or get a dose of radiation. See Full logout.
  • Logged out: Character has completely logged off from the game world and cannot be affected in any way.

First decide which type of Character you need:

  • PvP elite fighters designed for player-vs-player extreme combat, or
  • PvE multipurpose characters designed for player-vs-environment and/or support roles like Crafters.

Also, read about your character's Age. If a player has more than one character, these characters are called Alts.

Perks Traits Skills S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Reputation Hit Points Carry Weight Levels
Perks.png Traits Skills.jpg SPECIAL.png Reputation.png Hitpoints.png Carryweight.png Levels.png

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