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Be aware that each class has different Damage Resistance modification, see table in Damage Resistance.

Name Req.
Effect Notes Fav. Weapon Base
Alien 45
  • +3 Intelligence
  • +50 Crafting cap
  • Learning on crafting adds to max
  • For each Intelligence gets 5% more experience on crafted gear
  • 66% chances instead of 33% to get critical effect
  • Can Craft special Alien Weapons and use them.
  • 1 Fury, lose 1% damage protection.
  • Rage: gain exp on worn weapon x4 for 10 sec
  • Can't use non-alien weapons
  • PvE Ability: apply 5% of dmg to radiation against NPCs
  • You can get this perk in Necropolis near vertibird
  • Alien weapons fit for frontline and sniper build types
  • Alongside all its combat potential, this class is particularly great as a crafter.
Ignores Electric Damage immunity.
Assassin 90
  • +3 Perception
  • You have a 92% chance to not de-sneak when attacking opponents.
  • Gives you a 10% chance to go into sneak when performing any action
    (regardless of being seen by players or not).
  • For each Perception gets +1% critical chance
  • Immunity to Motion Sensor
  • Gives 100 Stealth on battle timer
  • While de-sneaked, your damage is reduced by 75%.
  • PvE Ability: 25% critcal chance against NPCs
  • You can take this perk in Hub Old town
  • Take note that opponent Perception lower a Sneak Skill by 7% per
Range Pistols +3 range when using Range Pistols 0-90
Bounty Hunter 80
  • +3 Luck
  • Bonuses to Critical Roll that scales with your and target base critical chance combined
    (crit chance bonuses from weapon, and More HtH Criticals perk doesn't apply)
  • 25% penetration of target critical roll defenses. These allows to achieve devastating critical effects such as cripples and knockouts way easier, especially against character with stonewall perk.
  • Penetrate Armor Perk (Fill The Gaps and Heavy)
  • Extra flat critical power for each 10 FoV
  • Extra FoV for each critical chance
  • Extra 0.5 Sight for each critical chance
  • Applies "Bounty" debuff when hitting opponent lowering the targets damage until they die.
  • Bounty Hunter puts marked status on every attack for 4 sec.
  • Deals 1% of targets max hp per bounty stack
  • Strike: Apply 10 bounty stacks for target
  • -1% attack speed per Luck.
  • You cannot take drugs (this includes cannibal drugs).
  • The bounty power will drop by 1 if the owner has the Quick Fingers perk.
  • PvE Ability: deal 1% max heal against NPCs(NPC's HP)
  • You can take this perk in Klamath
  • Healing drugs however (such as Stimpaks) are still able to be used
  • Do note that perks such as Iron Limbs which grants full protection against arms critical effects regardless of penetration
  • See Bounty Stacks above target's head
+10% power, +10 sec for applying Slow and ignore class negative scaling when using Plasma Weapons 0-75
Chosen One 30
  • You can get this perk in Klamath in Vics shack
  • Remember to take it before Level 50
  • You die on 0 hit points
  • Cannot take Gifted or Bonehead as third Trait
+3 Damage per Bullet when using SMGs 0-45
  • +3 Endurance
  • You gain 25 CW for every point of Charisma.
  • Ability to create a NPC companion with the same stats and gear.
  • Getting clone perk grants immunity to knockouts, knockbacks, knockdowns and heavy handed. (works for both you and your clone)
  • Player deals 50% more damage when clone NPC is dead.
  • When NPC Clone is alive and Player Clone dies, instant revive but clone dies.
  • Can't see team markers.
  • Can't install Implants.

  • PvE Ability: Deal 5% less damage against NPCs
  • You can get this perk in New Vault City
  • Added command ~clone to spawn clone. 9 minutes cooldown. Can be triggered with speech. (clone doesn't spawn by itself)
  • Clone cooldown can be reduced to 35 sec by 500 speach, if you take good natured perk this will further reduce the cd by 20 sec to 15 sec (cap)
  • PvE perks don't work for the NPC.
  • PvE Perks such as Mini Toughness and Quick Dodger protects you.
  • The Clone NPC doesn't need any ammunition
  • Clone gives vision around even when dead.
  • The Clone can't carry any gear
  • Clone cannot use grenades, throwing knives, or any "stackable weapons".
  • When alt clicking to set a rally point to move your clone "defend move" seems to be the most effective as it doesn't seem to aggro clone onto* sometimes neutral NPCs
  • Reacts to marks:
    Red: aggressive +50% damage, -20% DR.
    Purple: defensive -50% damage, +20% DR.
    Blue or unmarked: no changes.
Laser Weapons 5% chance to bounce attack to another target (like ETG). 0-50
Combat Master 35
  • +30 Melee damage
  • +125% to critical chance on Melee attacks
  • Using Critical tabel for 2h range weapons.
  • For each Strength 1 Critical Power
  • Strike: On 20 range move next to target
  • Ignore Melee Protection for 10 sec after strike
  • Battle timer on getting hit its 90% shorter(attack still 10/30)
  • Combat Master uses the Ranged Critical hit table when using melee weapons
    (so your crits are stronger)
  • 1 Fury, Gain 6% Critical Power
  • Rage: Ignore Critical Resistances for 10 sec
  • Lose all traits
  • PvE Ability: increase lifesteal cap to 50% against NPCs
Hammers +30 Melee damage 0-80
Cyborg 120
  • Sets the amount of implant limits to 12 combat implants and 15 special implants which can't be increased by Charisma
  • Unlocks powerful third tier of combat implants by installing the same combat implant for the third time after 2 previous installations
  • For each Luck gets +1 extra critical power (on top of what Luck already gives)
  • You can take this perk in Gecko, Scrapyard
  • You can install and uninstall implants for free at anytime by using ~cmd command
  • Immunity to Bleed effect.
  • 1 Fury, gain 2% EMP DR
  • Rage: Cause EMP explosions around you for 25% of your max HP
  • You become highly vulnerable to EMP damage
  • 0.25% chance to lose 1 Special implant on death
  • 0.05% chance to lose 1 Combat implant on death
  • PvE Ability: Receive 5 more damage from NPCs

(Please note that if you install implants via the normal method and not with the Cyborg cmd menu, you will lose any implant tokens you would normally receive when you next reroll)

  • You can say random joke by ~cmd command
  • You can craft EMP implants by using ~cmd commands
  • Mr. Fixit works like Healer perk
  • Healing hit-points goes through repair skill instead of first-aid (and requires a tool-kit)
  • To repair your damaged limbs you need to use command ~cmd
  • Healer perk doesn't work for you
Apply Shock for 1 sec when using clubs 0-65
Deathclaw 40
  • Double Melee Damage
  • + 5 Heavy Handed Malus
  • + 1 attack range
  • + 10% Movement Speed
  • + 3 Strength
  • 1 Fury, gain 5 Melee Damage
  • Rage: Gain Cripple random limb. Taunt all players on the map for 3 sec (except own faction members).
  • Natural Armor
  • Can't use guns and armors
  • PvE Ability: +10 melee damage against NPCs


You can get this perk in Modoc in north
Natural Armor:

+5 Heavy handed malus wtih Punch Weapons 0-55
Hubologist 105
  • +100 hit points
  • 20% more exp for each point of Intelligence on wearing gear
  • Upgrade item perks buffed (see table)
  • Lose all perks
Electro Weapons double damage 10-20
Infantry 130
  • +3 Strength
  • +7% Each DRs
  • Immunity to selective damage type for 1 minute per each Endurance level
  • Change DR cap from 90% to 100%
  • Strike: Ignore Damage Protection
  • -30% HP
  • PvE Ability: Receive 5 less damage from NPCs
  • You can take this perk in Navarro
  • Can't choose same immune type twice in a row
  • Lose Fury stacks when using healing drugs
Assault Rifles +2 to all DR 0-60
Killer 60
  • +3 Agility
  • Regen all your Action Points when you kill enemy Player
  • Regen All Hit Points when you kill enemy Player
  • Gets 3 seconds of immune after scoring a kill on a player
  • For each Agility gets +1% to double damage
  • +15% Lifesteal
  • Strike: Apply 6 confusion and fury for target
  • gets +25 AP Regen on battle timer
  • 1 Fury, Lose 2% DR
  • Rage: Set Attack Delay on 700 (killer's rage is on 10 fury)
  • Your respawn will be 500% longer than normal.
  • PvE Ability: Regen 30% your Action Points when you kill enemy NPC
  • You can take this perk in Hinkley
  • 5 minutes or 3 minutes and 45 seconds if you have second level of Tactical implant.
  • Sometimes when you kill npc you not gen your AP, just reload or use action points for another action, and you get it back.
  • In turn based if you kill something, and use rest of your action points, you get some, but your turn go away.
Miniguns +25% accuracy 0-95
Leader 65
  • You can take this perk in Wind of War
  • You need Wood for build a flag
  • Flags stacks bonuses with War Event Flags or Town Control Flags
  • Flags don't work on NPC companions.
Flamers +30 HP 0-35
Paramedic 65
  • +3 Intelligence
  • +50% First Aid
  • +50% Doctor
  • +100 Armor Class
  • -10 AC mod for attackers
  • 3 seconds cooldown on First Aid and Doctor.
  • Ability to revive people (Base CD is 480 seconds).
  • For each Intelligence gets 5 seconds of reduction CD in reviving.
  • Healing others gives them temporary 0,5% Damage Protection per stack.
  • 1 Fury, lose 0,5% Movement speed.
  • Rage: Can't run for 10 sec
  • You deal -50% total damage
  • PvE Ability: double FA effect on NPCs
  • You can take this perk in Salt Lake City go to green grid on south then on bottom right find a doctor
  • bonus First Aid or Doctor doesn't go over cap
  • Base cooldown for revive is 560 seconds
  • Medic perk reduce base cooldown to 280 and change For each Intelligence gets 10 seconds of reduction CD in reviving
  • Revive give 10 stacks of buff
  • On Revive cooldown you can't use Doctor Skill
  • Revive gives revived player 10 stacks of Damage Protection buff
  • Amount of HP after revive depends on doctor skill of paramedic
Fast Pistols +25% more healing to target 0-30
Priest 70
  • Double all heals: First Aid and meds.
  • Heal 1 hp per 25 healing rate after 2,1 seconds, instead having healing rate
  • -0,1 seconds heal cooldown per endurance
  • 1 Fury, Lose 10% Rad Resistance
  • Rage: Heal whole faction/war event team for 10% their max health per sec for 10 sec in 20 hexes range
  • Attacking enemy lower Fury stacks by 1 point more.
  • Heresy status: Sets attack delay to 1200 for 4 seconds, to anyone who attacks them.
  • Change your Carry Weight to 15%.
  • PvE Ability: mark NPC visible for everyone
Machine Gun +10% Carry Weight 0-20
Random Boy 100
  • +1 Action Points
  • Randomboy have 3,5% to roll good stat per luck. Gain Luck gives 17,5%.

Roll 1 extra stat which effect is scaling with Luck:

  • 5% damage per Luck
  • 2% Hit Points per luck
  • 2% Lifesteal per luck
  • 5 AP Regen per Luck
  • 3% Movement Speed per Luck
  • Strike: Apply Random effect for target : 100% Slow for 5 sec, 50 weakness, 25 Rad, 50 poison, 50 heal, 10 Paramedic Buffs, active sneak
  • Roll`s has been capped at 95%.
  • 1 Fury stack, Lose 1 DT
  • Rage: Remove roll and reset roll CD
  • Rolls 9 stats, can be negative
  • PvE Ability: 20% chance that NPCs will deagro on you when you attack
  • You can take this perk in New Reno Shark Club
  • command ~randomboy | ~rb to force a random roll with cooldown 5 minutes and 30 seconds, each % of barter skill reduces this cooldown by 1 second. The results of the roll will be displayed in the message box.
  • Stats can stack

Stats what Randomboy can roll:

  • +50 Hit Points or -20 Hit Points
  • +2 Action Points and +2 Movement Action Points or -1 Action Point and +1 Movement Action Point
  • 10 Lethal Damage or -3 Lethal Damage
  • -10% Attack Delay or +3% Attack Delay
  • +6% DR Penetration or -1% DR Penetration
  • +10% DT Penetration or -3% DT Penetration
  • +5 turnbase time and +3 turnbase shots or -1 turnbase time and -1 turnbase shots
  • +15% Critical Power Resistance Penetration or -5% Critical Power Resistance Penetration
  • +50 Radiation, Poison Resistance and +50 Carry Weight or -25 Radiation, Poison Resistance and -25 Carry Weight
  • +75 Sequence or -25 Sequence
  • +20 Melee Damage or -5 Melee Damage
  • +3 S.P.E.C.I.A or -1 S.P.E.C.I.A
  • +10 Critical Chance or -3 Critical Chance
  • +40% Critical Power or -20% Critical Power
  • +40 Critical Power or -20 Critical Power
  • +5 Sight Range or -5 Sight Range
  • +60 Healing rate and +225 Armor Class or -20 Healing rate and -75 Armor Class
Shotguns penetrate 100% DT resistance 0-100
Raider 95
  • Double Action Points.
  • Regen Action Points while running.
  • Strike: apply 4-10 AP Drain on Target.
  • For each agility gets 0.1 AP/s regen.
  • Gain Lethal Damage equal to Action Points.
  • 1 Fury, lose 3 AP.
  • Rage: gain 100% lifesteal for 10 sec
  • Immunity to lost turn effect.
  • -1 to all special
  • 25% longer attack speed
  • PvE Ability: Lose 1-3 AP for attack NPC
  • You can get this perk in in New Reno
Fire Weapons +2 Damage on Burning 5-25
Regulator 25
  • You get +2 Traits, and changes the effect of ALL traits you get.
  • For each Charisma, get a +10% bonus to accuracy.
  • PvE Ability: 5% chance to do a knockdown in PVE
  • You can get this perk in New Adytum from a guy named "Rick" in the building with Governor Hendricks
Damage Pistols -1 AP Cost 10-40
Scout 85
  • +3 Luck
  • Ability to use learning skill on Sneak Skill.
  • Removing a stealth cap(1000)
  • Player can sneak even whilst in vision of the enemy.
  • Deals +125% damage on targets with lower than 50% max Hit Points
  • Strike: For each luck gets 5% chance to knockout target
  • Scout have 8 AP cost to active Sneak
  • Lose 25% Movement Speed when de-sneaked
  • Can't gain movement speed.
  • PvE Ability: penetrate 5% DR vs NPCs
  • You can get this perk in NCR, Ranger HQ
  • Knockout from Strike can't be resisted by Stonewall but its halved by Quick Recovery.
Sniper Rifles +20% DR penetration. 0-105
Sniper 140
  • +4 Weapon Range
  • +1 Crit Power per each hex away from target for aimed attacks
  • For each Perception gets +2% critical damage
  • Strike: +4 range
  • -10% each DR
  • PvE Ability: 10 more critical power against NPCs
  • You can take this perk in gun runners
  • Double amount of crit power from passive, when using long range weapon
Heavy Sniper Rifles never miss 0-85
Soldier 110
  • -1 AP cost for each action
  • +50 to random gun skills (Small guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Close Combat)
  • +1% chance to get random KO during on action for each fury stack
  • Critical tier minimum tier 2
  • Lower maximum damage soldier can receive
  • 1 Fury, 1% chance to get KO on tick effect (max 10)
  • Rage: Remove KO
  • 1 to all SPECIAL, HP, AP, APTB, Carry Weight, Sequence, Melee Damage, Healing Rate, Critical Chance, Critical Power, Heavy Handed Malus, Lethal Damage, Lifesteal, Damage per Bullet, ST when calculating chance to hit, Accurate distance mod, max chance to hit, Accuracy, Higher Critical Miss Fail, AP Regen, less Healing Time, less skill points, to longer cooldowns, SP from books, to less exp gain, +1% power and +1 sec Slow.
  • Strike: Taunt target for 8 sec.
  • -100 debuff to all defensive rolls for critical effects such as knockdown, bypass, confusion etc.
  • PvE Ability: 1 damage per bullet again NPCs
  • You can take this perk in Redding downtown near tent
  • Soldier has a -100 debuff to all defensive rolls for critical effects such as knockdown, bypass, confusion etc. This means that perks such as Stonewall and Man of Steel are much less effective and require high SPECIAL investment and/or tank synergy to be somewhat effective

Damage caps:

  • Normal: 400 - Endurance*5
  • Laser: 700- Endurance*5
  • Fire: 300 - Endurance*5
  • Plasma: 600 - Endurance*5
  • Electro: 500 - Endurance*5
  • Explode: 200 - Endurance*5
Support Rifles -10% Attack Delay, +100% exp gain 0-70
Super Mutant 50 Rocket Launchers +1 Radius, ignore Damage Threshold. 0-25
Wrecker 75
  • +3 special implants limit
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Double Lethal Damage
  • For each Strength, 3 Lethal Damage(that doesn't double)
  • Attack delay is set 100 x distance
  • Can use only 6 weapons: FN 69A1, M79 Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, ELECTRO Rocket Launcher, ELECTRO Cannon and M202A1 FLASH
  • 1 Fury, lose 5 hp per shot
  • Rage: Can't Attack for 10 sec
  • Hurt himself for 5-10 HP on shot
  • Hurt himself when using t4 ammo for 50-100 Hit Points
  • PvE Ability: +5 Lethal Damage vs NPCs
  • You can take this perk in Junktown bottom Left by a guy holding a Rocket Launcher
Grenade Launchers +15 Lethal Damage and 25% Lethal Penetration 0-40