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These are the commands everyone can use. Just type them into the chat bar, without the [ ]. And press Enter

Commands for Chat

Type . or / followed by:

* G - Global Chat
* S - Shout
* W - Whisper
* E - Emote
* R - Radio (Required Radio in inventory)
* O - Out of character

Ex.: .W Be quiet

You can also send a Distress Signal


  • ~mute

Mutes global chat.

  • ~unmute

Unmutes global chat.

  • ~factioninfo

Display informations related to faction system. This includes faction you are in, list of factions which added you as friend, and pending invitations.

  • ~factionnames

Display informations related to faction system. Give you list of already existing factions with numbers.

  • ~freefactionnames
  • ~ffn

Lists free Faction Names in the chat frame.

  • ~myinfo

Displays information about logged character (name, ID, day of birth and tent coordinates)

  • ~partypoints
  • ~pp

Shows Currently used/Maximum Party Points


  • ~awareness

Enable/disable on-screen information about characters hp and used gear. You need the awareness perk to use this command. Default: ON

  • ~names

Refreshes colorized names (defined in NameColorizing.txt)

Turns on/off on-screen timeouts display. Default: ON

  • ~changepassword [old password] [new password]

Changes current character password. Use * instead of space.

  • ~combatmode [mode]

Changes default combat mode, which can be turnbased, tb, realtime, rt or both; without arguments displays current setting.
See also: combat mode config variable.


  • ~reroll

Opens a terminal for reroll current character.

  • ~setrespawn

Set current base as respawn for NPC Companion.

  • ~disbandparty

Disbands all NPC followers (Mercs, slaves...) - removes them permanently.

  • ~disbandparty away_team

Disbands only NPC followers (Mercs, slaves...) that are outside of your current map (not location). Note: If you make any mistake typing (ex. ~disbandparty_awayteam) this command ~disbandparty will be used instead.

  • ~suicide

Performs suicide.

  • ~eventsuicide

Perform suicide, work only on islands. Can't be executed on worldmap.
(Zones: 18-23:45, 19-20:46, 22-23:49, 23:50, 27-29:48, 28-29:49, 27-28:51, 28-29:52)

  • ~exit

Exits game.

  • order recognition [playerName]

Checks up faction database for information on given player. You have to be in faction and use radio with your faction frequency. (e/g "/r order recognition Voland")

  • +requesthelp [message]

Sends message to random online Game Master. See the requesthelp article for more information.

  • ~spectate

<placeholder> Sets few modes usually impossible for players (fov disabled, invis, no pvp) on specific event-prepared maps; it wasn't yet used/tested.

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