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List of all cooldowns shown in Pip-Boy's Status page.
Current cooldowns display as seen in-game on bottom-right part of screen.

Cooldowns are special timeouts that prevent a player's character from performing specific actions. Current cooldown timeouts can be seen in bottom-right part of the screen by default, or in the Pip-Boy's Status page.

Major Cooldowns

  • Gathering cooldown - has been removed.
  • Replication cooldown - delays respawn after death for 60 seconds. If you died from a triggered explosive in your inventory, replication cooldown becomes 8 minutes.
  • Exit game cooldown - 3 minutes timeout before character disappears after logging out from game. Note that your character will not disappear if you log out inside an unguarded mine.
  • Battle cooldown - prevents your character from running away outside a map while being hit in Real-Time Combat.
  • Crafting cooldown - has been removed.
  • Weakened cooldown - has been removed.

Skills with Cooldowns

Doctor/First Aid skill Cooldowns:

     <50% - always 180 seconds
          50% - 180s
          75% - 165s
         100% - 150s
         125% - 135s
         150% - 120s
         175% - 105s
         200% - 90s.