Deliver Jet to join the Mordino family

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In New Reno, ask Little Jesus Mordino to be part of his family. He will ask you to deal jet for him. You have two ways to finish this quest :

  • Go find Jimmy J in New Reno center district. Offer him jet, he will want to buy the whole briefcase. Tell him that 2000 Caps is not enough to screw with Mordino family and finally accept (You get only one chance, don't screw it). You'll get 2000 Caps and 1000 xp, but don't go talking to Little Jesus Mordino or you will feel his wrath.
  • Do what Little Jesus Mordino asked you to do and come back to him. The customers are :
    • Kitty from the Cat's Paw Magazine (City entrance) will take 50 doses. Tell her you work for the Mordinos (Mandatory).
    • The Corsican brothers in the Golden Globes Porn (Center district). As long as you represent the Mordinos, they'll buy. You need more than 5 charisma to sell to them.
    • Jules, in the city entrance, will take 50 to 200 doses according to your charisma (or speech skill?). You get only one chance, don't screw it.
    • Renesco in the west district, who keeps a drugstore. Talk to him, ask him what he sells and then offer him some jet. He'll take 100 doses.
    • Jimmy J in the center district will offer your 2000 caps for the whole briefcase. Refuse and sell him 150 doses instead.
    • Angelina Bishop, Bishop's daughter in the Shark Club casino (center district), will buy if you tell her you are a freelance. You need a good charisma to sell to her.
    • T-Ray in the Gas Station will take 50 to 100 doses according to your charisma.



Two possibilities. If you done the quest by selling the whole briefcase to Jimmy J :

If you done the entire quest, selling to various customers (See above), you can gain more or less (Reward shall vary according to the jet quantity you sold) :