Deliver the Gun Runners Package

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At Gunrunners in Boneyard, talk with Marshal about delivering packages to different destinations in the wasteland. Destinations include:

Each time you deliver one of these packages, your reputation with Gunrunners will increase. The more distant is the destination, the greater is the increase to your Gunrunners reputation. This quest is repeatable but there is a 2 hour wait between opportunities. The timer starts after you talk to Marshal to get your reward.

Note: The package is locked shut and rigged with traps. If you manage open the package, your Gunrunners reputation will decrease by 800 points, plus another 50 when you give Marshal the bad news.

This quest is important to crafters because it is one way you can gain access to the Advanced Workbench at Gunrunners. Since all other Advanced Workbenches are in unguarded places, the one at Gunrunners is a favored option by many players.

Strategy Tips
The closest destination may be easiest to reach, but consider that the more distant destinations have a higher reputation boost and there is a 2 hour wait between deliveries. However also note that while the more distant destinations give you the highest reputation boost, they can be the most dangerous and losing a courier case is bad news. If you lose a case, most players use a different character to get a replacement case (to the same destination) in order to recover the situation for the character who lost it. It might also be possible to get a new quest after an extended waiting period.