Dogs of L.A.

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Talk to Governor Hendriks in New Adytum and eventually he will ask you to get rid of a pack of Dogs. You will need to go to location marked on your map and kill the feral canines. This quest is repeatable with a waiting time between opportunities (40 RT minutes).

Note: This quest uses ad-hoc created locations. Do not use them as storage facility, because they will be automatically removed by server after some time.

Strategy Tip
From the moment you arrive in the location with the Dogs, they might immediately attack you as a whole group. This can be a deadly encounter for lower-leveled characters, especially in Real-Time. One way to beat them is, when you first click to enter the location, immediately start running to the exit. Exit and immediately return. When you arrive for second time, only 1-2 of the Dogs might see you at first. This gives you time to hit one of them before they're all on you again. Exit and re-enter the location a few times to string them out and you'll be able to take down the dogs one at a time rather than being utterly surrounded.


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