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Dungeon or Dungeons are locations where players can chance of defeating a large amount of foes to acquire greater loot rather than crafting or grinding encounters.

  • Dungeons are mostly pvp contested. There are times where players will encounter other players making the area a PvP viable.
  • Some Dungeons are very good for the loot and some are not worth but that goes to the players opinions
  • Most of Dungeons drops Tier 4 Part

Patch 5.3.5 Each 6h 1 random dungeon will be boosted, npcs will give 3-8x more exp and drop like 4-6 tier patrol, lockers will do 5 spawns at once, Dungeon events will last 30 min.

Tier I Dungeons

Tier II Dungeons

Tier III Dungeons

Tier IV Dungeons

Tier V Dungeons

Tier VI Dungeons


  • Bring a couple of friends because some dungeons requires more people to complete and some you can solo your self, but you can never be too careful.