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Dungeon or Dungeons are locations where players can chance a their 'luck' of defeating a large amount of foes to acquire greater loot rather than crafting or grinding encounters.

  • Dungeons are mostly pvp contested. There are times where players will encounter other players making the area a PvP viable.
  • Some Dungeons are very good for the loot and some are not worth but that goes to the players opinions

Tier I

Simple, mostly 1-2 locations. Soloable. Lower chance to get rare stuff.

Tier II

More locations and mòbs difficulty it's highter chance in dungeon locker to find rare

Tier III

Recommended to do in group. Mostly few dungeon locker

Tier IV

To enter here you need special item. But chance to find ŕares are very high

Special Tier

Other form of dungeon. Instead clearing whole location, you stay and defeats horde of enemies for every 15-50 enemies a dungeon locker spawn goods.

* not include dungeon locker


  • Bring a couple of friends because some dungeons requires more people to complete and some you can solo your self, but you can never be too careful.