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Should I contribute to the server, how do I do it, and what is needed?

It takes funding to keep the server going, but what mainly makes this project possible are the sacrifices made by the real individuals behind it to make sure it can continue for all of us. The wasteland is here to stay, and it has some incredibly talented and dedicated people at work behind it. Everyone online has the chance to be a part of this project FOR FREE only because of them. With that said, if you like what you see here, and especially if you have no responsibility here and it IS just fun and games for you, please donate to BOTH these links here and be proud! These are the talented artists who make all this work, and this is the most direct way to help out and show you approve!

Kompre.jpg Vinet.jpg

Time that we spend alive and able is perhaps our most valuable commodity, and many of us do not have the choice to be crazy. The symbology here delves into realms that many consider to be insanity, and to understand such things is already a curse - however even if you do, there is still a miraculous chance for healing here. The more functional these artist's lives and the server becomes the more they are able to remain undistracted in their cause and provide players with what we are all fighting for. Even understanding what is going on and making good suggestions will help everyone. This is not an illusion. It is happening right here. Maybe War... War never changes. But, perhaps there is still a chance to forget our suffering, perhaps we are slowly learning how to win what has always been lost before.
It is possible to receive various excellent rewards from ingame events that would otherwise be available only for financial contributors. Most of these events take place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and becoming seriously involved with the plot and roleplay aspects of the server can greatly benefit you. There are also many ways to contribute that are not financial which will have a direct effect on the project, and even actions that seem minor to you may be very important to others.

See the #recruiting Discord page for more information.
Here is the current link to join the Discord page:

HOWEVER, please still donate $1 or $2 a month if you can. Donating financially in any amount to make sure there is food on the tables of the developers of the server is something that cannot possibly be accounted for in game, nor underestimated. These are also the primary funds that designate how much the server is stable and ultimately what kind of equipment can be afforded; this is not an overfunded greedy large-scale corporation, so far it is a small team of very patient and talented people who are doing the best they possibly can.

If you spend a lot of time here - and especially if you are making suggestions that may or may not be accepted by others - it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you contribute $5/mo (or more!) for the length of your time here. Being recognized as a contributor will unlock some unique options for your character as well. However, you will not be treated as "second class" if you do not donate, this is not a game where you will find yourself blocked from some things unless you have a credit card. Donation is NOT NECESSARY to advance yourself, and there are other ways to receive rewards ingame through the developers, however there are some unique rewards the developers reserve for people who are able to donate.

See the Discord #rewards page for more information.
Here is the current link to join the Discord page: Check back soon if the link goes bad, sorry!

While collecting and obtaining better and better gear may be the most major aspect of the game for some players, and be what they utterly rely on for strength and advancement, it is only one feature of this very large game. Don't be heartbroken when you find out that gear isn't everything, and if you can't use it properly you shouldn't have it at all - and won't for long. It is possible for players to find themselves extremely successful in this game at any level without any gear stockpile whatsoever. No matter what losses you have suffered or what your condition appears to be, if you still have the vision, you are free to test yourself here.