Investigate a hidden bunker near Necropolis

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Retrieve the data.

Rise among the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel.

I've been ordered to investigate a BoS bunker on lockdown near Necropolis, evacuate survivors, and most importantly, retrieve data from the base's main terminal.

Report once again to Paladin Windsted to get your forth and final mission as a BoS Initiate. He'll suggest you prepare yourself first. This is your opportunity to make sure you're at a level high enough to confidently fight some robobrains solo, and that you are equipped with sufficient gear to handle the mission.

Aside from this location, the two other city outposts, and our headquarters at Lost Hills, Windsted tells you, the Brotherhood has secret bunkers scattered across the wastes, often inhabited by one or two members. One of these such bunkers recently went offline near Necropolis, trapping our brothers inside. Right before radio communication was lost, there was mention of robobrains, leading us to believe the security system must have been activated which put the lower levels of the base on lockdown. Make your way through the bunker, eliminate any threats, evacuate any survivors, and download the information from their terminal to your Pip-Boy.

He'll give you two Pulse Grenades to help you fight the robots. Taking this quest will highlight a temporary location on your map, near Necropolis.

Note: It has already been reported that there are two robed corpses named Gordon during this quest.

Note: One of the locked rooms, the one with the generators, is apparently bugged and cannot be opened.

Note: For now, this quest is the last quest available in this BoS quest-line.


Note: The locked doors can apparently be opened with Lockpick skill as low as 27 if you have time and use an Expanded Lockpick Set.