Investigate the Red Object

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Rise among the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Now I have to scout out Navarro and investigate a "suspicious red device".

When you enter Navarro, you're at a service station. Talk with old Chris there. Have fun!

If you took this quest at the San Francisco BoS location, go back and report to Paladin Windsted to complete it. He will direct you to talk with the quartermaster for your next assignment.

Solving this little mystery of the red object is easier than you might expect. If the enclave guards are killing you, you're trying too hard. Pay attention to dialogue when you first get this quest; you are told exactly where to go to find the red object.
Alright, so you didn't have to talk to old Chris, In fact doing so may bug your quest out if you get into a fight. Instead go into the fence door to the right, walk up to the vending machine, then look at it. You must be close to the Nuka-Cola machine. That's it. Return to your BoS outpost's quartermaster.