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A sharp-bladed cutting and stabbing weapon.
Damage 7 - 12
Swing AP: 3, Range: 1
Thrust AP: 4, Range: 1
Damage type Normal
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Attack speed 900
Strength required 2
Type Single-handed
Weight 453 grams
Base price 23

Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Bonus Damage 10000
2nd Faster Trigger 75000
3rd Faster Trigger 150000
4th Choose in Marshal 1000000
5th Random from list 5000000
6th Random from legendary list 50000000
Crafting table
Oknife.gif x 2
Resources 2 x Pump2.gif Junk
1 x Firewood.gif Wood
1 x Metal trash2.gif Metal Parts
Tools None
XP 60

A basic cutting tool and a stabbing weapon, made from a sharp-blade and a handle.


Knives can be used as a weapon, or for gathering fibers from plants.


  • A knife can be crafted
  • Knives can be found on the NPCs in the following encounters:
    • Slaves
    • Rave Party
    • Homeless People
  • Knives can also be found on some NPCs in caves.