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These perks are special properties inherent to certain kinds of weapons.
Weapons can have maximum of 7 perks of which 6 can be gained by leveling them by killing NPCs or using upgrade parts.
Most common weapons have their first 3 perks predefined. Rare weapons (tier 4) have random ones.
4th perk you can chose by dialog which opens when you level the item, unless you got it by using upgrade parts then you receive random one.
5th perk is chosen randomly from perk list.
6th perk is much more powerful, it is chosen randomly from legendary list.
Additional perk can be installed by talking to Roger.

Experience Table

of Perk
Exp required
1st 10.000
2nd 75.000
3rd 150.000
4th 1.000.000
5th 5.000.000
6th 50.000.000

Regular Weapon Perks

Ammo Upgrade Increase ammo DM mod by 1/8 NO
Better Critical +10 crit roll YES
Bonus Attack +19% max damage YES
Bonus Attack Speed +5% AP Regen YES
Bonus Damage +24% min damage YES
Bonus Ranged Damage +3 damage per bullet YES
Bonus Rate of Fire 1 AP less for attacking NO
Chip Shot Reduce target KO/KD resist by 20% YES
Destroyer Reduces target DR by 5% (normal, fire, explosive damage types) NO
Fast Trigger +1 AP YES
Frozen Queen Slow effect on critical hit NO
Killing Spree Restore 33% of MAX AP after kill YES
Knockback Knockback effect on critical hit NO
Life Steal Heals you for 25% of damage you deal YES (but only on Melee Weapons)
Long Range Doubles hit chance bonus from Perception YES
More Critical +8 crit chance YES
More Critical Damage +5-40% Critical Damage NO
Penetrate Reduces your target DT to 1/5 YES
Poisoned Applies poison YES
Scoped +4 range YES (but only Range Weapons)
Spiked +10-60% Critical Damage YES (but only Melee Weapons)
Smasher! +5 ST in Heavy Handed calculation YES (but only on Melee Weapons)
Slayer +7 flat damage YES

Legendary Weapon Perks

Bonus Bullet Damage Additional bullet in burst
Bounty Hunter Your crit roll is increased by your and your target's crit chance
Enhanced Knockout Knockout effect on critical hit
More Bonus Damage +50% min/max dmg
Sniper Double weapon range

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