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Wasteland.jpg These stories have formed because of certain actions that were not of any individual, but of many.
The wasteland faces a new era, in which ambitions and respect are forgotten features, and unseen unknown dangers lurk around weak walls, walls made from humanity's false hopes.
Is it really so? Only time will show.
For now, in a small vault somewhere near the city of fallen angels, a new story begins, and as sure as the door of your chamber slowly slides away, we slide into the prologue, thus starting a new chapter of the book of decisions and actions. These are not the actions of one, but of many, and if life is a game, then the curtains are up, waiting for the players to arrive.

The Enclave Oil Rig (Formerly Poseidon Oil)

Chaos, blood, and dozens of dead residents, scientists, and soldiers filled the corridors of the oil rig with their corpses as the Chosen One's sabotage succeeded. Using the panic, he managed to free and evacuate tribals and Vault 13 residents, however when the tanker's doors were sealed and the anchor was withdrawn the Chosen One himself was nowhere to be found. It is still believed that he remained on the oil rig and perhaps escaped using one of the vertibirds, but no one knows for sure. OilRig.jpg

The Oil Tanker

The tanker returned to San Francisco. Many vault citizens and tribals who survived decided to return to the safety of the stone walls of Vault 13, and close it off once again from the outside world. Tanker.jpg

Vault 13

Many years passed, but the door of Vault 13 remained closed. Whatever was going on inside could never be found out - or so it seemed. Vault 13.jpg

The Enclave

The President and head Ministers were dead, scientists slaughtered. Works and projects burned together with the laboratories where they were confined. As fire and panic spread through the rig, Frank Horrigan managed to organize the remaining soldiers and deactivate the self-destruction of the oil rig. However, the price had already been paid, and the unclaimed had suffered a blow which they could hardly survive. Reorganization took time, but new command of the Enclave formed. Without any FEV, the virus project was concealed, and strategies changed. The Enclave once more has begun preparations for war with the entire California wasteland, and remains a powerful Faction. OilRig2.jpg

The Hubologists

The Hubologists faced great pressures from the Shu, and eventually their organization was banned inside the walls of San Francisco. They can still be found lurking in the ruins surrounding it, however, and are rumored to be receiving support from elsewhere. Hubologists.jpg

The Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel was spreading its influence around the wastes for many years. Their numbers and power had grown, but soon enough war with the NCR came, causing all Brotherhood recruiting centers to go on full lockdown in order to avoid spies and other inside threats from the NCR. BOS.jpg

The New California Republic (NCR)

The NCR faced its golden years growing bigger and stronger, becoming one of the most powerful factions in the West. Soon their plans to annex the entirety of California started coming true. NCR.jpg

Las Vegas

No matter how hard the NCR tried to annex Vegas, the town remained independent. Even today, bright lights from the town continue to lure wastelanders from everywhere, promising them fortune and happiness - a fool's hope in a city of sins. Vegas.jpg

The Boneyard (Adytum)

The Boneyard faced its darkest times when the Blades were slaughtered over social instability manifested toward the residents of the city. Burning hatred for the Gun Runners, Followers of the Apocalypse, Regulators, and even each other had grown so deep in their minds it became like a stick of dynamite waiting for a single spark, and then it was only a matter of time. Boneyard.jpg

Vault 15

Hopes and dreams of civilians living around Vault 15 broke into pieces, false promises from NCR without actions played their roles. Soon, the small settlement turned into another raider's camp, filled with scammers, bandits, maniacs, and thieves. Vault 15 has become a nest for all sorts of criminals, again. Vault15.jpg

Vault City

The Vault City Council has changed much of its snooty attitude toward outsiders. Now the town is open for everyone to visit! Not an action of kindness, but another strategic move for Vault City. As propaganda about "Heaven on Earth" spread far, cloning machines were working hard creating new citizens, new soldiers out of existing genetic material. One clone was special, made from the Chosen One himself, and as the power of their generator started to slowly come to the end, Vault City formed a powerful Milita facing the northern towns and New California Republic. VCity.jpg

Hawthorne Military Base

As war among the biggest factions in the wasteland rolled over the state, more and more deserters appeared in northern cities. Soldiers of NCR, Vault City guardsmen, even Brotherhood Knights and Enclave, all were running away from the entire being of humanity. Separated by war with flags, but united by ideas, they grouped up and took control of Hawthorne Military Base. There, among concrete symbols of old world, they slowly began to burn with the fire of a new idea, a new symbol, one which will be seen and never forgotten. Hwthrn.jpg