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There is no main story or quest-line that is automated per se, but on this server the regular events hosted by the developers and players drive the plot, and if you want to really change the wasteland that is where you will find your chance. Get out there and support these people. We have some difficult objectives to face, and whatever happens here actually happens. Both the players and developers face large issues. There are many things you can do to help right now, and players who understand what is going on will see many benefits.
However, here is an additional sorted list of many of the in-game available quests hosted by NPCs. Because there are so many, most of the quests are NOT yet listed here on the wiki. Completing a quest will reward you with experience points and sometimes items. Quests can also affect your reputation. To find quests for beginners, check the easy quests list. Be careful when you pick up quests from NPCs because the quest will usually run in whatever mode (Turn-Based or Real-Time) that you were in at the time you got the quest. It doesn't matter if you switch later - you'll still be in TB mode, for example, if you were in TB mode when you took the quest from the NPC. Most players strongly prefer to run most quests in Real-Time mode.

You can also do jobs.

Boneyard Quests

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Cathedral Quests

Den Quests

Gecko Quests

The Hub Quests

Junktown Quests

Klamath Quests

Modoc Quests

Navarro Quests

Necropolis Quests

New Reno Quests

Other Quests

Redding Quests

Raiders Quests

San Francisco Quests

Shady Sands Quests

Vault City Quests

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