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Lore Sarmatia was created by Mirim Sprechque

The Council of Republic

Republic, rather than election; It consisted of a council formed by the gathering of competent people. This consul, with its basic structure, was formed and carried out under the name of "technocracy". The consul is not an institution that includes ministries and is above all ministries. Consisting of ten people in total, the consul is affiliated with the leader in the rank of "Kaptanian", who is in the title of manager at the end of the day. In extreme cases, Kaptanian can change the decisions of the ministries as well as the decisions of the consul, but in this case, the right of tyranny must be granted. The Ministry of the Interior & Justice The ministry of interior is generally responsible for regulating and enforcing the constitution within the country. At the head of the institution there is a minister appointed by the consul and ten directors working under the minister. Under these administrators are chief judges and attorney generals. There are judges and prosecutors located under the chief judges and attorney generals. Apart from these, there are police and gendarmerie units under each chief prosecutor and chief judge. Police units, while providing urban security; The gendarmes are responsible for ensuring the security of the towns and villages. The Ministry of the Defence

The ministry of defense is the unit that controls the country's army and provides protection at the borders. At the same time, it is the organization that trains & produces the ammunition, armament and soldiers that the country will acquire. At the head of the army is a person named "Chief" under the minister and their advisers. The most basic unit of the army is the soldier type called the conscript. Generally, it is the name given to a former criminal soldier who has completed public service in the mines. At the beginning of every four conscripts is the "Third Class Officer", a citizen of the country and trained in a military school. The official who keeps all three conscript teams under their leaders is the so-called "Second Class Officer". The "First Class Officer" is the official who is now assigned to a military post. He is the person who directs the "Third Class Officer" and "Second Class Officer" under his authority and is obliged to fend off external threats in his region. The non-commissioned officer team, which has risen from the rank of officer, is the personnel who do not deal with the lower team in field duties but have special duties in the field. It is the "Watcher" of the lowest rank. It is the main troop unit that goes to cross-border operations. The "Chief Watcher " is the staff member who leads his team of scouts. The Chief Watcher is not responsible for anyone other than the spotter who has been placed under him. After these ranks come the sergeant team. Sergeant, Sergeant Major, and Lead Sergeant; He got out of the war situation in field missions and started to work only in the information unit and management. After the sergeant team comes the officer team. Officers do not land on the field unless there is a major crisis and are in the management staff in the cities or capital where they are located. The rank of the officer team is as follows: • Junior lieutenant • Lieutenant • First lieutenant • Lieutenant Leader • Captain • Major • Captain of the Officers • Lieutenant colonel • Colonel • Chief

The Ministry of Science & Education

The Ministry of Science and Education is managed by an appointed scientist and head teacher. Within the Ministry, except for the follow-up of scientific developments, the education process before the age of 12 and after the age of 14 is organized. In education, teachers have many qualifications and are competent in many areas, except military training. Scientists within the Ministry discover innovations in many fields from health to technology and convey these developments to the society with their sub-units, the "Organization of Field Scientists", in order to apply them to the public. The Ministry is fully responsible for technology, health, social structures, agriculture and animal husbandry under the umbrella of science. Apart from that, when they need to deal with military technologies, they work in partnership with the Ministry of Defense.

Community Managers

Community Managers are the governing body responsible for setting up new general communities. If a person wants to join the country; She applies to one of the community leaders and after a four-part interview, if the person is successful, she is placed in one of the border towns. Community Managers are a structure composed of local leaders rather than a ministry structure, and they are a structure directly affiliated with the consul. It depends on all the structures of the country and its responsibilities are; The production efficiency and happiness of the people under it is at the highest level.


Types of People 1. Homesteaders 2. Tribes

1.1. Hunters 1.2. Farmers 1.3. The Militia 2.1 Seagena 2.2 Two Head of Salt Lake 2.3 Exiled Couples

Hunters Sarmatia hunters often live in small huts and hunting spots around Sarmatia. They are mainly made up of homesteader type people who come from the around Klamath but could not hold on to the environment due to Trappers. Hunters generally use scoped hunting rifles, and the animals they hunt are mostly geckos and wild brahmins. This group of people, who provided Sarmatia's meat source, also brought gecko and brahmin skin; They also provide leather trade, which is one of Sarmatia's foreign trade products.

Farmers Farmers generally consist of people seeking work around the wasteland and escaping certain difficulties. Some of the people who were hunted by criminals, enslaved slaves and lived under the tyrannical rule of the Enclave, mostly because they did not have enough equipment; He managed to escape to Sarmatia or met Mirim; has agreed to be included in the town. Farmers usually do a lot of work. Although their main activity is dealing with agriculture; repair, mining, livestock, trade and first level production are among the things they can do. At the same time, farmers trained by Mirim Sprechque take part in major militia missions, but when there is a certain war situation; They will fight as a last resort.

The Militia

The militia forces known as the general protection force of the town of Sarmatia; Armed forces hired or trained by Mirim Sprechque. Since May 2262, thanks to the air defense systems and anti-personnel weapons of Mirim Sprechque; With a certain firepower, Sarmatia militias also perform reconnaissance missions and eliminate potential threats around the town quickly and effectively.

The militia forces also currently have assault and heavy machine guns using 7.62 caliber such as FN FAL, M60, rapid-fire shotguns such as Spas-12, and air defense systems stolen by Super Mutants but captured after operations. Sarmatia Militia wears combat armor as well as metal armor, they wear camouflage armor for desert operations. Seagena

Seagena, which was established by the coastal fishing communities living together, was originally founded by two families and a lone fisherman. Fishermen who usually live in hiding because of the oppressive regime called Enclave; When they thought that they would live safely in Sarmatia, they slowly began to gather in and around the town. The Seagena Tribe is the community that provided Sarmatia's fish source and collected the second meat source. Louis Anward is seen as the most experienced in the tribe and is consulted for affairs within the tribe. On the other hand, the Seagena Tribe, which adheres to Sarmatia and obeys the rules, is a community that plans their working hours within themselves and soon began to behave like a family.

Two Head of Salt Lake

This tribe, ruled by a dual system, consists of six males and nine females, 15 people in total. The main leader of the tribe is Melindena, called the Shawagana. Melindena, who is in her mid-thirties, is responsible for all the operations of the tribe, and the second chief, Ashaaka, usually leads the hunters of the group. Although the main event of the tribe, which has dual rulership, is brahmin breeding and hunting; After coming to Sarmatia, they only became interested in the breeding of brahmins. At the same time, Mirim's recently brought Lucy and tribal shaman are interested in Sarmatia's health care.

Exiled Couples Because they were exiled by the Two Head of Salt Lake tribe but had already come to Sarmatia; This couple, who lives in a small cottage, earn a living thanks to their brahmins and small fields, and share their surplus products with Sarmatia. At the same time, this couple who raised Arthur, whom Allbert and Mirim rescued from slaves, and the orphan children who will come later; especially under the auspices of Mirim Sprechque.