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Instructions This template is meant for use in articles dedicated solely to one specific non-player character. To add it to an article, use the code provided below; replace the text in italics with relevant info.

| name = the name of the NPC
| image = the name of a locally stored image that shows the NPC
| description = the in-game text usually in italics
| hp = hit points
| location = the place where the NPC can be found in-game
| trading = the type of items the NPC has on offer, e.g. ammo, medical supplies
| quests = a list of quests/jobs the NPC is involved in; fill in with "n/a" if there aren't any
| training = a list of professions that the NPC teaches
| perks = support perks available via this person
| trading = barter options
| other = other information of interest to the player that's not included above, such as the NPC being a healer or a merc seller

HP {{{hp}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Quests {{{quests}}}
Training {{{training}}}
Perks {{{perks}}}
Trading {{{trading}}}
Other {{{other}}}