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A workbench with tool board.

Workbench is the most important crafting tool. If your skills are raised enough, you can craft most of your items (Belonging to your profession) using a workbench. As you can't move it, you'll have to find an existing one to use it. Most workbenches have an attached tool board (like the one shown here). The tool board is a container, but not every workbench has a tool board. The workbench you get with a Trapper Camp base, for example, has a basic workbench with no tool board.

Workbench locations

Boneyard's second workbench.
  • In every single faction base.
  • In a safe house
  • In every town, except Necropolis :
    • Klamath's workbench is in Vic's house, above the main exit grid.
    • The Den's workbench is in the Metzger's house.
    • Modoc's workbench is in the tannery, above the General Store.
    • Vault City's workbench is immediately at the right of the brahmin pen.
    • Gecko's workbench is in Skeeter's machine shop, at the north.
    • Redding's workbench is into an abandoned storehouse, at the top-right corner of the map.
    • New Reno's first workbench is in Eldridge's New Reno Arms building (western area). Two workbenches are also located in T-Ray's gas station.
    • Broken Hills's workbench is in the caravans office, at the east of the main exit grid.
    • NCR's workbench is inside the city, above the BoS outpost. There is also one workbench located on the Westin's Ranch.
    • San Francisco's workbench is in the Western Star shop, in the main street, on the left side.
    • The Hub's workbench is in Oldtown, in the east building.
    • Junktown's workbench is in the building at the right of Kilian Darkwater's General Store.
    • Boneyard has two workbenches : One is into Jargo's (the gunsmith) building, near the main entrance, at the right. The other one is in the Blades area, on the east, near the hanged man.

Workbench Craftable items