Brotherhood of Steel faction

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The Brotherhood of Steel faction can be joined, and will earn you some advantages, but will change your reputation as well (See below).


Unique Advantages

Only Brotherhood of Steel's initiates can :

  • Be granted access into the Lost Hills bunker.
  • Buy all the levels of the Profession: Armorer into the Brotherhood's bunker (Non-members have to go in other towns).
  • Complete all the quests related to the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Automatically make other players losing BoS reputation (-50 per hit) when those players hurt or try to hurt the Initiate player.

Reputation Changes When Joining

Here is what happen to your reputation if you join the Brotherhood of Steel faction (becoming a citizen). Mostly traders and citizens of other towns will like you more ; but as a trade-off, criminals and evil organizations will hate you more.

Faction Impact If your reputation is equal to 0, you'll be marked as...
The Enclave -2000 Vilified
The Unity -2000 Vilified
Raiders -700 Antipathy
NCR Rangers -300 Antipathy
New California Republic -300 Antipathy
Gun Runners -50 Neutral
FLC +50 Neutral
Free Traders +50 Neutral
Hub Citizens +50 Neutral
Junktown Citizens +50 Neutral
LA Citizens +50 Neutral


The place where you are supposed to leave from the Brotherhood of Steel faction... even if you can't access it !
The San Francisco bunker's computer to use to resign.

To leave the BoS faction, you can use the computer located in the fourth level of the Lost Hills bunker, as seen on the picture. But you can't access to this room for now, so the only way to leave the faction is to go to San Francisco, and to use the computer in the underground level of the Brotherhood's bunker in that town. Choose Miscellaneous > Resign in the computer options.

If you resigned from the main Lost Hills bunker, the guards will most probably shoot you right after this, so be sure you have nothing to loose.

Reputation Changes When Leaving

Faction Impact If your reputation is equal to 0, you'll be marked as...
Brotherhood of Steel -2000 Vilified
NCR Rangers -425 Antipathy
New California Republic -375 Antipathy
Communists -200 Neutral
Vault City Citizens -175 Neutral
The Slags -75 Neutral
Hub citizens -75 Neutral
Gunrunners -50 Neutral
LA Scavengers -50 Neutral
Regulators -50 Neutral
Klamath citizens -50 Neutral
LA citizens -50 Neutral
Den citizens -50 Neutral
Modoc citizens -50 Neutral
Junktown citizens -50 Neutral
Redding citizens -50 Neutral
Courtyard citizens -50 Neutral
Water Merchants -25 Neutral
Free Traders -25 Neutral
Crimson Caravans -25 Neutral
Far Go Traders -25 Neutral
Slaves -25 Neutral
FLC -25 Neutral
Gecko ghouls -25 Neutral
Broken Hills Humans -25 Neutral
Mordino Family +25 Neutral
New Reno Sex Workers +25 Neutral
Vortis' Slavers +75 Neutral
Children of the Cathedral +125 Neutral
Hub Criminals +150 Neutral
Followers of the Apocalypse +175 Neutral
Raiders +200 Neutral
Slaver's Guild +250 Neutral
The Enclave +1000 Liked
The Unity +1000 Liked