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Below is a map showing all major locations you can visit. You can click locations on the map to go to their page and read more information about them. This world is a dangerous place, and traveling in it can lead to many hostile encounters. Thus any character is at risk while traveling on the map. However, you are safe while staying still on the map.

Note: Some of these locations (mainly the larger cities / towns) can be previewed.

For an alphabetical list of all the locations, go to the Locations category page.

In addition to permanent locations, there are also locations that can be found while traveling on the map such as Random Encounters and Special Encounter. Event locations may also appear on the map such as Danger Zone, Train crashed, Vertibird crashed, Police Car crashed and location for unknown signal was caught.

Open PVP Cities:

  • Wind of War
  • Necropolis
  • Broken Hills
  • Redding
  • New Reno
  • Den
  • Klamath
  • Modoc
  • Gecko
  • Salt Lake City
A small town of trappers. Geckos are the lifeblood of this small community.A town of junkies and slavers.A mining town. The primary producer and distributor of gold in the wasteland.A small farming community.A high-tech settlement. Established by the inhabitants of Vault 8.A town of ghouls built around a leaking nuclear power plant.A town of humans, mutants and ghouls. Racism is rampant.A town of casinos, drugs and debauchery.A high-tech city built by the descendants of a Chinese submarine.The central government of the New California Republic. The most powerful city in the wastes.The was build after the Great War out of random pieces of junk, mostly of broken cars.A major trading city with a large community of traders, gamblers and various other types of scum.A town built upon the charred remains of Bakersfield; the grim aftermath of Vault 12.The skeletons of Los Angeles buildings lying under the hot sun.The Lost Hills old government bunker is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel.Las VegasThis small mining site is run by a bunch of trappers from Klamath.A small industrial mining site, run by the San Francisco Communist Party.The mining site has been closed many years ago.A well guarded mining site, run by the NCR.A well guarded mining site, run by the Junktown town folks.A club for treasure huntersA small and old junkyard. You can see the stacked cars already from far away.The New Reno Stables owned and operated by the Mordinos.New Reno's graveyard.Toxic CavesRaider hideout.Strange FarmInfinity Mines called also Infinity Dungeon, its PvE location where other players can't get to you.The TunnelAbbeyArea 51WarehouseThe TempleLaboratory X7An abandoned compound.An old Cathedral among city ruins, lighted up by burning barrels. People are wandering outside in a large crowd.A military facility built to house the Forced Evolutionary Virus.An old Vault.Slavery VaultAn abandoned industrial facility for water purification.Known before the war as the West Tek Research Facility. One of the most irradiated areas in California.Ares Rocket Silo.An old military warehouse.A Vault very well hidden in the mountains.The Enclave military base.A part of an old and abandoned themepark.California in the Year 2238
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