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Game Rules

[1]. No real life threats or harassment - If you want to insult each other about game-related things, its fine. But if you are caught doxxing, real life insulting, or any other kind of hostility that is NOT game-related, you will be punished.
[1A]. Posting real life content without permision on discord its forbidden too.

[2]. No excessive racism/prejudice - FOnline is a brutal game, and racism is part of the game lore. But it's best to keep player racism out of the game (unless it is in-game roleplay). This goes alongside the harassment rule... Darn smoothskins...
[2A]. National discrimination is considered too.
[2B]. Religion discrimination is considered too.
[2C]. Flooding chat with spam is forbidden

[3]. Staff Disrespect - Insulting or harassing staff will result in an immediate punishment. If you disagree with something a staff member says or does, feel free to voice your opinion. But keep the disagreement in a respectful conversation.
[3A]. Wasting Game staff time for trolling, fake information, +requesthelp for no reason its forbidden

[4]. Dual-Logging - In ANY situation where a dual-log could increase your chance of winning an immidiate PvP situation, dual-logging is prohibited. This includes Dungeons, Town Control, Events, etc. Don't bother looking for loop holes. Dual-Logging IS allowed for PvE or solo activities. Be sure before enter to PvP location 3 minutes(1 hour ingame time) after visit with other character.
[4A] Using Multi-logs in cases of PvP and in public location like dungeon is prohibited. When we say about allowed in PvE it means personal dungeons, random encounter, personal quests.
[4B] While using multi-log on random encounter remember when another player will enter to your encounter, your location became public and you MUST log off all characters expect one.
[4C] Remember that 3 minutes counting AFTER your character disapear from map it means after death you must wait 4 minutes(sorry for killers 8min)
[4D] Even when there is not PvP and you fast relog to faction settlement you will get punished

[5]. Bug/Exploit abuse - If an explitable bug or feature is found, you MUST report it immediately. We do not need you to test it, we do not need you to look for fixes, we ONLY need you to report it. We will find the fix ourselves. If anyone is caught abusing any exploit, before or after telling us about it, they will be punished severely.
[5A] Entering Caravan encounter and killing Caravan Master its FORBIDDEN, all situation will be punishment!
[5B] Trolling on GM Events its forbidden
[5C] Team-killing on War Events its forbidden
[5D] Looting on War Events is forbidden
[5E] AFK or Leaving War Event can cause 24h ban
[5F] Team up with other teams on Reno Wars or other events is forbidden
[5G] Construction of barricades ( sandbags and barrels ) in green cities is prohibited as it can deal certain problems to other players. Such action will be punished with a ban. Please be advised.
[5H] Entering island locations it highly forbidden
[5I] Putting "decoration" items in faction settlement to block car entrance is forbidden

[6] Player Impersonation - If a player is caught trying to impersonate any other player or staff member, they will be punished.
[6A] Including faction names or tags

[7] Selling/Trading in-game content for real money/goods - This one is self-explanitory. Don't try to sell your stuff for real money. This includes items, characters or in-game currency.
[7A] Trading in-game content for other game content its forbidden too.
[8] Character Sharing - Character sharing is allowed, but will be done AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you share a character, and log in the next day with your base empty, its YOUR FAULT. We will not compensate you for your lack of common sense. Wasteland is harsh.

[8A] Baseraping a Roleplay faction is forbidden
[8B] asking dev/gm for help in baserape/lost car/inside faction traitors/lying in faction/somebody joined to steal car will be punished. Only faction: Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, Vault City, Master Army, NCR and Raiders are immune for baseraping.

[9] Propaganda or supporting inappropriate historical figures or their groups - if you want to draw swastikas then not here.
[10] Using 3rd party tools to gain advantage. Including bots to auto-play or afk macros.

Discord Rules

  • No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS. Also re-posting same image is forbidden.
  • No Pastebin or Pastie to post a large block of text.
  • No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat. If really have to argue with someone do it in #discord_pvp
  • No adult [18+], explicit, or controversial messages and illegal content.
  • No racist or degrading content.
  • No advertising other sites or discord servers (Permission must be requested from Staff).
  • No offensive nicknames.
  • Do not use the hashtags: everyone or here without permission.
  • Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players.
  • Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final.
  • Do not left any password in private messages, game stuff will not ask for it.
  • Do not post any real personal of third persons, make it private!
  • Do not spam with gifs outside #memes channel
  • If staff member send you to #discord_pvp channel it means you can't continue chatting for while in this channel

Bugs Reports Rules

In #🐞bug_reports_main🐞

  • Check if your bug is reported already.
  • Try keep everything in one post.
  • Do not post anything what is not a game bug, do not comment other bugs.
  • Do NOT post:
  1. map bugs
  2. war event bugs
  3. treasure event bug
  4. visual bugs
  5. not game related bugs
  6. text/typos in dialogs etc
  7. ping
  8. low fps
  9. lexem not found
  10. NPC names and description
  11. client crashes
  12. that server its offline
  13. that something its behind wall
  14. infinity Dungeon issues
  15. Quest issues
  16. private business
  • Remember FOnline 3 world its changing please check #🏜wasteland_status🏜 before reporting missing npc
  • do not post bugs what destroy game balance, economic aka exploits, PLEASE report it by DM you may get reward

#🗺bug_reports_map🗺 :

  • Check if your bug is reported already.
  • Try keep everything in one post.
  • Do not post anything what is not a game bug, do not comment other bugs.
  • post about:
  1. map bugs like holes in maps please include screenshot
  2. infinity dungeon map issues with screenshot(big zoom out if you could)
  3. war event map issues
  4. worldmap and encounter issues
  5. hidden treasures access with screenshot
  6. that something it behind wall

In #🐛bug_reports_content🐛

  • Check if your bug is reported already.
  • Try keep everything in one post.
  • Do not post anything what is not a game bug, do not comment other bugs.
  • post about:
  1. visual bugs
  2. lexem not found
  3. text/typos in dialogs etc
  4. NPC names and description
  5. Quest issues
  6. private business

In #⚙bug_reports_tech⚙ :

  • Check if your bug is reported already.
  • Try keep everything in one post.
  • Do not post anything what is not a game bug, do not comment other bugs.
  • post about:
  1. ping
  2. low fps
  3. not game related bugs(website, discord)
  4. client crashes
  5. that server its offline
  6. updater does not work
  7. Web Planner

In #🗣bug_reports_discussion🗣 :

  • talk and comment about bugs from other channels REMEMBER ITS ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN DISCUSS ABOUT BUGS
  • if you don't know which channel to report your bug please ask on #🗣bug_reports_discussion🗣

Suggestions Rules

  1. Check if your suggestion wasnt posted
  2. put hashtags about what your suggestion is to easier search it, every post must have at least 1 hashtag
  3. Make clear title of suggestion
  4. Make description of suggestion
  5. Make description why you want put your suggestion in game
  6. don't discuss or commend other suggestion outside #suggestions_discuss
  7. keep everything in one post and use example from below:
  8. to post owner must add thumbsup and thumbsdown reaction
  9. adding any other reaction emoji its forbidden
Randomboy rework
#randomboy #rework #balance #classperks #character
"I suggest that randomboy should not roll all perks, special but randomly get 3 bonus stats and 3 nerf stats, also it allow randomboy to reroll his char and make proper builds with this class"
Reason: Randomboy its unplayble now, too much RNG, you can't build a normal character with it.```

Roleplay Channels Rules:

  • Everyone who writes an offtopic message in Roleplay section channels gets a clown role for 2 weeks. In case if the person breaks this rule again, then he/she gets a wonderful 3 months ban.

Other Channels Rules:


  • Do not post any cheats or bots
  • You can post modifications or requests for it.
  • Any comments or discussion about modification should be in #english channel.
  • If you're posting not your's work left credits and link where it published.


  • Just don't be animal, act like adult.
  • Illegal things, pornograthic, gore is forbidden.
  • Spamming, posting same image is forbidden there also.
  • Do not ping anyone who doesn't allow you for that, but "reply" option its exception

#game_screens and #game_movies

  • Post only screens and videos from game.
  • Discuss in #discord_pvp

in #gangs_and_factions you can post discord link to your faction discord
in #roleplay_logs you can post only character story
in #marketplace you must delete old offers before posting new one so try keep all in one post
in #art post only pictures/movies/music whatever you consider as art but dont discuss there.
in #builds-and-tutorials its place where you should ask about game mechanics, builds etc, post tutorials and information what other players needs
Have an idea about own event and want to let everyone know about it? Need help from devs or other people in organization? Then #player_driven_events channel just for you! Please do NOT use this channel for chit-chat, trolling, suggesting or complaining. Only announcements go here. Also please notice that this channel follows same rules as all others, think twice before posting something stupid.