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The rules here are subject to change, going with the possible exploits, bug and features. They will be changed whenever deemed necessary and this page will be updated.
1. No real life threats or harassment - If you want to insult each other about game-related things, its fine. But if you are caught doxxing, real life insulting, or any other kind of hostility that is NOT game-related, you will be punished.
1A . Posting real life content without permision on discord its forbidden too.
2 . No excessive racism/prejudice - FOnline is a brutal game, and racism is part of the game lore. But it's best to keep player racism out of the game (unless it is in-game roleplay). This goes alongside the harassment rule... Darn smoothskins...
2A National discrimination is considered too.
2B Religion discrimination is considered too.
2C . Flooding chat with spam its forbidden
3 . Staff Disrespect - Insulting or harassing staff will result in an immediate punishment. If you disagree with something a staff member says or does, feel free to voice your opinion. But keep the disagreement in a respectful conversation.
4 . Dual-Logging - In ANY situation where a dual-log could increase your chance of winning an immidiate PvP situation, dual-logging is prohibited. This includes Dungeons, Town Control, Events, etc. Don't bother looking for loop holes. Dual-Logging IS allowed for PvE or solo activities. Be sure before enter to PvP location 3 minutes(1 hour ingame time) after visit with other character.
4A Using Multi-logs in cases of PvP and in public location like dungeon is prohibited. When we say about allowed in PvE it means personal dungeons, random encounter, personal quests.
4B While using multi-log on random encounter remember when another player will enter to your encounter, your location became public and you MUST log off all characters expect one.
4C If you playing with relative on one IP adress make sure that you inform dev team about it, also including proofs ( screens, photos, maybe a GM test ).
4D Even when you playing with relative on one IP its forbidden to use it in turn based PvP
4E Remember that 3 minutes counting AFTER your character disapear from map it means after death you must wait 4 minutes(sorry for killers 8min)
5 . Bug/Exploit abuse - If an explitable bug or feature is found, you MUST report it immediately. We do not need you to test it, we do not need you to look for fixes, we ONLY need you to report it. We will find the fix ourselves. If anyone is caught abusing any exploit, before or after telling us about it, they will be punished severely.
5A There is rule one zone, one faction settlement only
5B Entering Caravan encounter and killing Caravan Master its FORBIDDEN, all situation will be punishment!
5C Trolling on GM Events its forbidden
5D Team-killing on War Events its forbidden
6 Player Impersonation - If a player is caught trying to impersonate any other player or staff member, they will be punished.
6A . Including faction names or tags
7 . Selling/Trading in-game content for real money/goods - This one is self-explanitory. Don't try to sell your stuff for real money. This includes items, characters or in-game currency.
7A . Trading in-game content for other game content its forbidden too.
8 . Character Sharing - Character sharing is allowed, but will be done AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you share a character, and log in the next day with your base empty, its YOUR FAULT. We will not compensate you for your lack of common sense. Wasteland is harsh.
8A . Baseraping Roleplay faction its forbidden
9 . Propaganda or supporting inappropriate historical figures or their groups - if you want to draw swastikas then not here.
10 Using 3rd party tools to gain advantage. Including bots to auto-play or afk macros.