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Traits are optional qualities of your character that can be selected only upon its creation.

Unlike perks, traits give you not only bonuses, but also penalties.

There is a max limit to the number of traits that one character may have, currently set at 2.

Some Class Perks can add, remove or change traits.

List of Traits

Name Benefit Penalty
Bloody Mess Regen 25% of your max AP after each kill. -20% cap to all Skills
Bonehead 25% crit chance and -50% crit roll from enemy when being hit in head. -2 to Intelligence
Bruiser +4 to Strength, doubled base melee damage -10% Movement Speed when using Melee
-20% Movement Speed when using guns.
Cannibal Ability to consume especial drugs for Cannibals. You are unable to use regular drugs
Severe radiation or HP lost when drugs timers runs out.
Chem Reliant Doubled total Drugs limit (from 5 to 10) 100% chance to become addicted
Fast Metabolism -10s Healing Rate CD +25 Healing Rate Halved duration of drug effects
Fast Shot +10% shorter Attack Speed for single shots
-1 to AP cost of single shots (one-handed weapons)
-2 to AP cost of single shots (two-handed weapons)
+5 Lethal Damage bonus.
Only valid for weapons that can have aimed shot.
Firing Aimed Attacks becomes impossible
Critical power caped to 149
Doesn't get damage type bonuses:
+5% Max Accuracy from Normal Damage
Weakness from Electro Damage
Confussion from Laser Damage
Burning effect from Fire Damage
Critical Defence Bypass from Plasma Damage
Finesse +15% to Critical Chance. +33% chance to apply critical effects. -25% to your total damage.
Gifted +1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
changes the max cap of special stats from 20 to 40
Skill points per INT reduced to 2 x Int
Additional sources of INT doesn't change SP per Level
Good Natured +20% additional party points
+10% HP until kill a Player
+100 Speech skill cap.
Having slaves becomes impossible
Killing a npc gives +5 Weakness.
Heavy Handed HtH attacks can apply an effect to your opponent, and +2 Lethal Damage -20% to Critical Power tables.
Jinxed Your enemies have more critical failures
Immune for heavy handed
You have more critical failures
Kamikaze +15% bonus to your Damage -10 to all DR
Loner +10% to any experience points gained
Bonus to accuracy: +100
having NPC followers becomes impossible
One Hander +20% Damage when using One-hand weapons (40% for pistols). -15% to maximum chance to hit when using two-handed weapons.
Small Frame +2 to Action Points Significantly reduced carry weight capacity