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SPECIAL is a seven-letter acronym; each letter corresponds to one of Fallout's seven primary statistics: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Each point in SPECIAL stat, scales with each bonus, positive and negative. If character reach 20 points in one of the SPECIAL stat, he will be also get BOTH Masteries.
20 EN will result with max HP player can get from this SPECIAL.
+20 Healing rate from 1st bonus, and x20 scale for rest bonuses.
-80 Critical Power and -5% movement speed, from penalties.
But will be rewarded with +5% Damage Protection and +10% HP, Masteries.

Some bonuses stack only with Base SPECIAL like Party Points. To get Masteries Player can use Base, Real, and Temporary stats. More info below table.

Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3 Bonus 4 Bonus 5 Bonus 6 Bonus 7 Bonus 8 Bonus 9 Negative 1 Negative 2 Mastery Mastery 2
Strength +5% carry weight (3% with Small Frame) +1 throwing range (Base is 5) +2 melee damage (3 with Bruiser) 20% decrease in accuracy for each missing point up to weapon requirements +5% chance to knockdown target with Heavy Handed attacks +5% arms cripple resistance +8% knockback resistance/weapon perk knockback +15% weapon drop resistance (when using Iron Limbs) +1 crit power resistance -1% SG/BG/EW damage +1 AP in knockouts +35% Critical Chance resistance For aimed attacks +20%/ 30%/ 50%/ 70%/ 100% Melee Damage depending on weapon Tier
Perception +3 sight range +10% hit chance bonus -9 Sneak points for targets +2 sequence Detect traps effectiveness +1% chance to avoid breaking weapons while shooting -8 Armor Class points for targets Better encounter position 1 weakness resistance -2 AP regen -2% critical chance resistance +20% on critical roll See Target's AP above Head
Endurance +1 Healing Rate +5 poison resistance +2 radiation resistance (1 with Fast Metabolism) +5% Healing Rate used per heal cooldown +0.1% Damage Protection +1 explosive DT +1 hp on negative (2x walking dead perk) +1 HP per level up to level 18 +0.5% Lethal Damage resistance -4 critical power -0.25% movement speed +5% Damage Protection +10% HP
Charisma +10 party points +0.5% damage to NPCs +0.2% Damage Protection from NPCs +0.2 extra PvE Perks +2% more experience +2% faster traveling on world map +0.25 SPECIAL implant limit (not working on Cyborgs) +0.1 combat implant limit (not working on Cyborgs) +10 skill points for companions +1% Slow power for attackers -3 carry weight +50 Hit Points +1 WE Stat Limit
Intelligence +3 skill points per level (2 with Gifted) +1% max skill caps -2% Slow power for attackers +1 extra skill point from reading Books +3% experience earned on worn gear -1 second for respawn +10 Science to get materials from dismantling items +1 Lethal Damage +0.5% DR penetration resistance +5 stealth for target +0.5% attack speed Immunity to Electric Damage Block Next Attack (1 damage = 2 sec CD)
Agility +0.33 Action Points +0.25 Action Points for turnbased combat +3 Armor Class +5 Armor Class cap +5 AP Regen -1 action point for knockouts +1% to repeat tick effect +1 Sequence when using one-handed weapons +0.5% crit chance resistance -6 stealth -2 Lethal Damage -10% max chance to hit for opponents +5 AP
Luck +1% critical chance +1 critical power +4% chance to avoid Poison from NPCs +5% chance to avoid legs cripple +4% bonus Critical chance for aimed attacks +10% experience in crafted gear +50 Engineering for less break Armor +0.25 damage per bullet X -2% Damage Protection -4 melee damage 25% damage converted to Lethal Damage (50% on crit) and lowers targets Lethal Protection by 33% Armor doesn't break

NOTE: Special stats you have can be splited into to 3 terms:

  • Base - value on register/reroll
  • Real - value with all permanent bonuses(level perks, WE perks, implants etc)
  • Temporary - value of bonuses from non-permnament sources(drugs, armor perks etc)

Temporary Special wont work in these special calculations:

  • Perk Select
  • Support Perk Select
  • Armor decreasing tempo(luck)
  • Implant Limit
  • Skill Point Gain
  • PvE Perks Gain
  • Party Points

With Gifted cap for most stats raise to 40, but there is 1 in each special capped to 20, like HP for Endurance.

Capped at 20:

  • Strength: +2 melee damage (3 with Bruiser)
  • Perception: +3 sight range
  • Endurance: +1 HP per level up to level 18
  • Charisma: +0.25 SPECIAL implant limit (not working on Cyborgs)
  • Intelligence: +0.5 DR penetration resistance
  • Agility: +0.33 to MAX AP
  • Luck: +1 critical power