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Critical Chance is the probability of scoring a Critical Hit on a target.

Calculating Critical Chance

It is possible to build a character whose critical chance would be 95% with an aimed attack. Such characters are usually supposed to be "cripplers".

Related Perks and Traits

  • More Critical +6%
  • Even More Criticals +10%
  • Silent Death Automatically critical if sneaked and attacking from behind
  • Hit the Gaps removes 80% critical hit chance modifier of any armor that is worn by the person you are currently attacking
  • Right between the Eyes removes 90% critical hit chance modifier of any helmet that is worn by the person you are currently attacking
  • Bonehead -10 penalty on the attacker's critical hit roll whenever the head or eyes of a player who has the trait are targeted
  • Finesse +15% to Critical Chance, but +30% to your target's DR

Note: The related perk Better Criticals only affects how a successful critical would hit on the target (gives you a better chance of crippling, knocking down, etc...), but it doesn't affect your critical chance.

Player Notes from the Forum on November 22, 2016, 10:48:44 PM
"If for example I have 15 crit chance and enemy target is wearing an armor with -10 critical chance mod like combat armor. Does it means that I ll have 5 percent chance to crit on him ? Like the critical chance modifier just substract from your final critical chance ( after adding your perks, luck,aiming part, weapon bonus blabla)." -NarrowMinded

"Yes its substracting so 15 base crit chance - 10 crit mod = 5% to crit + other bonuses" -Seki

"If yes, what is happening with a guy that have 6 critical chance and burst another guy in combat armor that have -10 critical modifier. Does it means that this time the guy bursting will NEVER be able to crit on him because his crit chance was reduced to 0 percent? So to be able to actually have a chance to crit on someone you would need to have higher critical chance than his -critical chance modifier?" -NarrowMinded

"No, you can still crit because of hidden crit chance bonus about which you can read in quote below..." -Seki

"Interestingly, everyone receives another "hidden" bonus chance to crit based on the results of their to-hit roll; a random number between 1 and 100 is subtracted from your to-hit value (your total hit chance after the formula on the wiki, clamped between 5 and 95). The difference between the random roll result and your to-hit is integer-divided by 10 then added to your critical chance. This means that a character with 1% chance to crit normally would in practice have anywhere between a 1% and 10% chance to cause a critical hit." -Mars Sultan on September 29, 2013, 10:08:16 PM

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