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Class Perk: Soldier
Requirements Level 110
Ranks 1

Class Perk

Soldier is a powerful all-rounder class perk designed mostly for bursters which can also go well with pretty much any build the player wishes to. A real soldier is never afraid to hit the deck every now and then as they can surely pay their enemies back for such.


  • +1 to many stats (some can be negative tho - listed below)
  • +1 to many rolls (not everything tested - also listed below)


  • +1% chance to get knocked out during tick action for each stack of fury
  • Stonewall perk no longer works, making a soldier fully vulnerable to knockouts

Duration of Soldier's knockout by fury is 30 AP - Strength which can be further reduced by Quick Recovery which is highly recommended


+ Stats
+1 to each S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
+1 Action Points
+1 Armor Class
+1 Melee Damage
+1 Carry Weight
+1 Sequence
+1 Healing Rate
+1 Critical Chance
+1 Radiation resistance
+1 Poison Resistance
+1 AP that can only
be expended for movement
in TB combat
+1 Critical Roll
+1 damage per bullet like BRD
+1 Throwing range
+1 flat damage
+1 max dmg
+1 maximum hit chance (up to 96%)
- Stats
- 1 min damage
- enemy's crit power roll
- enemy's crit chance
- 1 skill point from Educated
- 1 skill point per level
- 1 AP cost of all actions
Roll changes
+1 ST for weapon request calculation
+1 ST Heavy Handed calculation
*1% chance to hit
*1 distance hit chance modifier
*1 roll in critical miss(hard to explain)
*1 crit chance from wearing armor
*1 hex spread calculation
*1 roll on critical hit bracket if first tier is rolled
(causing all of our crits minimum tier 2 bracket)
*1 more critical hit while burst


Level up to 110, then Speak to the Soldier at Downtown Redding to become a real wasteland warrior!
Screenshot 14.png

Previous versions

  • patch 3.1: soldier get -1 AP cost for all actions
  • prior to 3.0: soldier used to have +1 crit bracket whenever he dealt a critical hit to an enemy. The same happened to him whenever he was being critically hit.