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Reroll is a feature that allows you to recreate a character so that its Levels are retained for reuse. This will allow you to re-distribute S.P.E.C.I.A.L data, Traits, Skill Points and to choose new Perks as you go, one chapter of the book at a time.

NOTE: If you use a character with Intelligence 10 to level up to level 30, and plan to Reroll him and use his Book of Achievement on a new character with only Intelligence 1 for example, you do not get the same amount of Skill Points. You only get the same amount of Levels, and whatever Skill Points the new character gets from their Intelligence.

Rerolling is a popular way to more quickly level up additional characters using a "Leveling Build", with Swift Learner and Loner, to reach a target level.

Words of Warning

  • Rerolling a character is a permanent and irreversible decision, though you can Reroll a character more than once
  • Rerolling a character gives back character's Book of Achievement, also previously read Skill books and Implants
  • Support perks are lost, so the new character will need to get some of them again
  • All Currency in the character's inventory is lost
  • Followers are lost

To Use

To Reroll a character, use the ~reroll command in a safe place then Reroll menu will appear showing amount of Caps/Currency needed for the procedure.

If the amount of Caps/Currency is the same in your inventory, use Login option for start.


Follow the steps for set S.P.E.C.I.A.L. data and Traits of the new character, when you're done use Reroll Ready initializing procedure... option to end it.


INFO: You will receive in inventory Achievement Book, Skill books and Implants.

After reroll procedure is done, a Book of Achievement will appear in the Inventory. That book can then be used on a Level-1 character to get these levels back. The book will disappear when used completely. Obviously, it can't be used on more than one character.

Note The only way this works is if the deleted character is higher than Level 1, and the new character is exactly level 1.

The new Level-1 character picks up the book and "Uses" it. This instantly levels him up once. Distribute Skill Points and use the book again over and over until the new character has all of the Levels of the old character. You do this one level at a time, and choose Perks along the way.

Reported Mistakes and Common Errors

Many players have made mistakes in the process of Rerolling. GameMasters likely cannot help you in any way, so pay attention to details when Rerolling. Here is a list of the common problems - please try to avoid these mistakes:

  • Don't forget to place at least proper bottle caps in your inventory. REMEMBER: Levels * 1000 caps.
  • Any lower amount of caps in your inventory will not work. It won't work if you miss even one cap!
  • Pay close attention to which character you are re-rolling.


If Player Character has 150 Barter you can reroll for a cheaper price: 10000 caps is all you need, otherwise Levels * 1000 caps is the formula.