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Imp intelligence.png
Modifies Initial level of some skills, dialogue options, the number of new skill points per level
Related perks Educated, Gain Intelligence, Rad Resistance, Swift Learner, Faster Healing, Dead Man Walking
Related traits Bonehead

Mental strength and abilities. The higher the IN, the more skills that can be learned. Since skills determine how good a character can perform, Intelligence is the most important statistic.


  • 3 Skill Points per level(1 if Gifted)
  • 1% max cap skill
  • 1% slow effect protection
  • 1 extra Skill point from reading books
  • 3% more experience on wearied gear
  • 1 less second in respawn
  • 1% more chance to get materials from dismantling item
  • 1 Flat Damage

Note: Your Intelligence can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.

Also you cannot become Slaver with less than 4 intelligence.

Master Ability

Upon reaching 20 Intelligence character gains immunity to Electrical damage.

Skills affected

  • Doctor +1% per point of Intelligence.
  • First Aid +2% per point of Intelligence.
  • Outdoorsman +2% per point of Intelligence.
  • Repair +3% per point of Intelligence.
  • Science +4% per point of Intelligence.

Drugs that affect Intelligence

Perks with a Intelligence requirement

Traits related to Intelligence

  • Bonehead -2 Int, -10 to critical hit roll for head or eyes attack against you


Since there is no level cap, Intelligence only affect 'when' you reach the maximum cap for skills, not 'if'. It might be vital for a crafting character to have 10 in Intelligence, for example, to be able to have all the skills up as fast as possible. With a very low Intelligence score it might be impossible to have enough skill points to qualify for certain perks.

If you are an experimented fallout player, you can calculate the exact number of skill points you will need for your character, so you can choose the value in intelligence which you will really need and to optimize the rest of your build.

Serious PVPers tend to leave intelligence at 2 or 3, sacrificing the high amount of skill points gained per level so they may instead invest the SPECIAL points into endurance, agility, luck, or perception. It is suggested not to leave intelligence at 1 unless you're experienced with character builds, as it may be difficult, if not impossible, to meet the skill requirements for the perks you want.