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Modifies the chance to hit this particular character.

Armor Class (abbreviated as AC) is a derived statistic from Fallout and Fallout 2, used in all the FOnline games.

AC modifies the chance for a particular character to be hit by an attack. The defender's AC is directly subtracted from the attacker's chance to hit.

Armor class is only applied under specific conditions, based on the combat mode.

Real-Time Combat

Armor class is applied when

  • A character is running.
  • A character is standing Armor Class is half from max value.

Turn-based Combat

Armor class is applied when

  • a character spends at least half of their Action Points on movement.
  • a character ends their turn with at least half of their Action Points unspent.

AC is 0 otherwise.

Understanding Armor Class

A character's base Armor Class is equal to 3 times Agility.

Armor Class is then modified by any armor being worn, with most armors providing a penalty for wearing them.

Armor Class can be improved with the following traits and perks.

Note: Armor Class is capped at 140, and stacking above the cap does not provide additional benefit (such as negating penalties from attackers)