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Modifies NPC reactions, Prices, Party Size
Related perks Gain Charisma, Harmless
Related traits Good Natured

A combination of looks, charm and leadership skills.Characters with high Charisma are better natural leaders and, with experience, can influence their fellow squad mates to perform better. Charisma also affects the ability to barter. Charisma is naturally the most important of all statistics.


  • 10 Party Points
  • 1% More damage to NPCs for each 2 Charisma points
  • 0.5% Damage Reduction from NPCs
  • 0,2 PvE perk per 5 levels after 55level
  • 2% more experience
  • 2% faster moving on world map
  • 0,25 special Implants limit(not working on cyborgs)
  • 0,1 combat Implants limit(not working on cyborgs)

Charisma is used for:

  • Communication with NPCs, most of them will talk to player even with 1 charisma.
  • Is needed to transport Characters or NPC followers on the worldmap.
  • Charisma also allows you to get better rewards in some of the quests.

Master Ability

Upon reaching 20 Charisma character gains 50 Hit points.

Note: Leader with less than 3 Charisma can lead two followers on worldmap. See Party size.

Note: Leader's charisma is ignored when travelling by a car.

Note: Your Charisma can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.

Things that affect Charisma

Skills modified by Charisma

Each SPECIAL point spent in Charisma will increase these skills :

  • Barter +4% per point of Charisma.
  • Speech +5% per point of Charisma.

Perks with a Charisma requirement

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