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Modifies Carry Weight, Hit Points, Melee Damage
Related perks Adrenaline Rush, Gain Strength, Stonewall, Strong Back
Related traits Bruiser, Heavy Handed

Raw physical strength. The ability to lift weights, have stronger punches, carry more equipment and use larger weapons. If you want big, physical characters, choose Strength. Strength is the most important of all statistics.


  • 5% more Carry Weight(3% with Small Frame)
  • 1 Throwing Range (5 being base now)
  • 2 Melee Damage
  • 20% decrease in Accuracy for each missing point up to weapon requirements
  • 5% chance to knockdown target with Heavy Handed attacks
  • 10% Arms criple resitance
  • 8% knockdown resitance from explosives and shotguns(when using stonewall)
  • 15% weapon drop resitance(when using Iron Grip)

Note: Your Strength can be permanently increased by 1 point with an implant, unless it is already 20, the maximum.

Master Ability

Upon reaching 20 Strength character gains 35% Critical hit chance and Critical power Resistance.


Higher Strength is beneficial to all character builds. Tank builds often have a strength of 5 to allow for Adrenaline Rush. Pugilists often have ST 7 or more. Low strength results in a decreased carry weight, and slightly lower health. Check the Strength requirement for whichever weapon you intend to use. For each point of Strength under a weapon's ST requirement, your Hit Chance is penalized by 20%. However, with no level cap, you can get weapon skill high enough to compensate for low ST. Add drugs and possibly a ST implant, and even a sniper can have proper Hit Chance at max range with base ST 1.

Strength is very important to miners and crafters as well, because they benefit from a high Carry Weight.

Drugs that affect Strength

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