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TC is a feature of the game that is only available to player-controlled factions, players who team up and join the same player base. It gives them the ability to take control of any of the six so called un-guarded towns in the north of the worldmap, giving them access to a special "TC Locker" found in each town. This container cannot be opened by anyone except a member of the controlling faction, and spawns useful items every 30 min (ex. 15:00, 15:30, 16:00) of real time. Caps are main loot, other are some drugs and/or crafting materials.


  • Not be in Sneak mode, when you enter sneak mode, the character is not counting
  • T3 weapon

Characters that do not meet these requirements can certainly participate but will not be counted as part of the TC mechanics. They can, however, access the TC locker if the team gets the town.

Seizing Control

To start capturing the town you will need 3 players. Every city has certain ammount of flags that you need to capture within the 30 minute timer. If you capture all flags sooner - you will end the timer sooner and sieze control of the town sooner. During the capture you need players to stand within the flag area, the more players within the flag area the faster you can capture those flags.

  • To get control of the city : You need to capture 5 flags within 30 minutes. Alternatively capture all flags before 30 min timer to end the timer sooner.
  • To defend the city : You need to defend atleast 4 flags within 30 minutes.
  • Times at which you can start the TC event in each cities :

    Town Time Window
    Gecko Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Modoc Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Redding Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Klamath Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Broken Hills Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Den Dynamic (changes every week or restart)
    Necropolis Dynamic (changes every week or restart)

    PvP Competitive

    Once you initiate TC, expect to be attacked. Teams and even loners will show up from all corners of the map just to get some action. PvP is a prime feature of any MMO and this is the harshest so players will drop everything they are doing when they see your TC timer and try to upset your effort. Your team needs to be ready with a plan, ammo, drugs, a well-spoken leader, Voice Chat like TeamSpeak, and proper character builds for all fighters. Additionally, each member needs safe places to park nearby to the towns, and a car with the right gear in its trunk. If you're new to TC, go to the town first and study the layout so you can plan some strategy. Expect to lose sometimes. How fast can your fighters return, re-gear, and jump back into the fight? Many fighters have Outdoorsman 150 with Pathfinder and Explorer perks so they can return more quickly.


    Rewards (classic TC locker loot) are now being payed out every 30 minutes (for example 15:00, 15:30 and so on)

  • 100% T2 item
  • 25% T3 items
  • 100% T3 BP
  • 15% special implant / rare item
  • Weekly Rewards

    Weekly rewards can spawn multiple times, for example patch 5.3 we have 4x spawn, that means following table loot can spawn 4 times from one spawn.

  • 100% special implant / rare item
  • 1% T4 BP
  • 10% combat implant
  • 1% T6 access item
  • Weekly Reward payout schedule :

    Town Payout
    Klamath Monday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Den Tuesday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Modoc Wednesday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Gecko Thursday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Redding Friday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Broken Hills Saturday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET
    Necropolis Sunday 7 PM CET and 7.30 PM CET

    Reputation Affects

    Your involvement in Town Control does not affect your reputation.


    What faction controls which towns is shown in the Pip-Boy, but what also shows there is what factions have dominated which towns. The dominating faction of a town is the one that has guarded that town for the most amount of time, cumulatively in session. Every reward spawn adds one point to domination score. Domination doesn't give any additional profit; it's just a way to see more clearly who is winning the most in Town Control over the session lifetime.

    To check how many points of domination have your faction type command ~influence. this points can get change in 2 ways:

    • every TC locker spawn, is +1.000000 points.
    • every NPC dies, is -0.050000 points.

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